2017 BMW 330i xdrive

Hi all -

Working with a BMW dealership to get pricing on leasing a 2017 330i xdrive. I’m apparently eligible for corporate pricing. This is the first price they sent to me - so I’m assuming it’s not an overly aggressive offer - but here goes:

Cleveland, OH
MSRP: 49,425.00
Initial cap cost: 45,453.75
Adjusted cap cost: 47,806.08
Term: 36months
12K miles per year
MF: .00127
Residual: 65%

Payment: $537.06
7MSD: $3,850.00
Total down: $4,690.56

Thoughts? Does MF and residual look correct? Thanks in advance.

65% Residual? That’s awesome for a 36/12k. There is a $1000 option allowance this month. Very high MF considering you put 7 MSDs. This month’s MF for 36/12k is .00136. If you’re at 537 inc tax, that’s close to the 540 I got one the lease calculator

Thanks Jlau,

MF did seem high, especially if I’m actually corporate eligible as that should also reduce MF. Thanks for confirming.

65% residual + 10% discount off MSRP means your depreciation charge is 100 - (60 + 15) = 25%. 25% of 49.5 k is around 12.5k. Your payment of roughly 500 * 36 = 18k total payments, so rent charge is 5.5k, which is high.

Ohio charges all tax up front, so would you have to back out the $1,500 in tax to come to the true “rent” cost.

Anyway you could look at 2016 330xi or 340xi? There could be bigger discounts there? And how are the political robo calls up there in Ohio lol?

It looks like lots of people are getting great deals on the remaining '16 stock. Unfortunately, 2016 isn’t overly appealing to me because my current lease isn’t up until end of March. My original plan was to wait until December when there were really good end of year numbers - order my car and cross my fingers that the car takes 12 weeks to build/ship and it would arrive right when I have to turn my current car in.

Edit: between dealerships and politics, I just don’t answer my phone any longer. =)

You can always extend you lease if the car is not ready. But ordering a car is a gamble with lease - there may not be good enough incentives, MF and residual.

My hope was that if I can get a nice deal near end of year, I would bite. Otherwise wait until my current lease is up and explore a deal to be had on a former service loaner.

How about a 51k MSRP 328xi … using your same numbers… for $477 a month. That includes your sales tax. (does not include DMV fees. I am not sure what they are in OHIO).

If you already have a BMW lease. Your payment will be $445.

I just purchased the car today from BMW NA. It’s a ex-company car with 9,000 miles.

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Trying to postpone a purchase to align with my lease termination - but thanks!