2017 BMW 330i xDrive negotiation help

Hello guys, need some help here:

I asked a dealer on a corporate fleet 2017 BMW 330i xDrive for a quote.
It has sports package, moonroof, luxury package.
The price shown is $35,xxx.
It has less than 5000 miles on it.

I asked for a quote and this is what he replied:
24mo - 546/mo
30mo - 532/mo
36mo - 493/mo

Not really sure how to move on from here. Can anyone give any suggestions?

Enter all the data you have in the LH calculator - there are so many recent 3 series deals you can start with as a template - and post it here.

Run away. I leased a 2017 loaner (48k msrp) with 4200 miles for 350/mo with tax down.

Just replied to his email asking for a breakdown of the numbers.

i leased 2018 330e for 295 per month. Had to give 1400 as taxes , fees and registration.

I agree. Run. An M package car around $53/$54k for $35k? That kind of discount would not calculate out to those kind of monthly prices. The $3000 holiday cash incentive might be gone now?
I also leased a 2017 330xi with 3385 mi,es with an MSRP of $51235 for less than $340 per month with $0 out of pocket.