2017 BMW 330i Lease. Something is not right. Loaner with 3496 miles

Drive Off

Something is not right

What is your question?

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Few questions:

  • Is this a good deal
  • what is Total Cap Reduction of $3929 because of that $304 added to Cap Reduction tax in Drive Off
  • The drive off is very high $1500
    Not sure I understand everything. This is a loaner with 3496 miles

Thanks for the help anyway

Total cap reduction are your incentives ($3k lease cash, $750 loyalty) plus your $179.51 cap cost reduction that is part of the $1,500 due at signing. Everything looks correct. If you want to pay less you need a larger discount or a lower money factor (they have it marked up to .00192 from base of .00152).

It’s an okay deal, not great. It’s less than 20% off MSRP and has marked up MF.

The inception fees is $1320.49, but since you are paying $1500 at signing, the “extra” $179.51 is applied as a CCR, in addition to the $3750 in rebates.

Thanks. They do not want to change the Money factor. I will see what I can do

You could wait them out. Supposedly incentives are disappearing on 2017s. They should be motivated to deal by Wednesday.

Okay thanks for the help

Not a very good deal on a 2017. Check my recent thread on my 17 330i to see how I managed 33% off MSRP with rebates.

I got the lease details on another 330i loaner:NAv+Rear camera, 4276 miles. Does this look good?

MSRSP - 47310
Sale Price - 37214
MF - 0.00192
Residual - 64.99
Rebate - 3000 (do not qualify for anything else)
Drive Off - $1000
Monthly - $320 (includes tax)

MF is not base, but you’re getting about 21% off MSRP, so not bad at all.

Not everyone is going to get 33% off. And, if I’m looking at the right thread, your car had 9,000 miles on it.

Something isn’t adding up. Does that sale price include the rebate? Payment should be around $275.

Well that car is gone before I can reach the dealership