2017 BMW 330e performance

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Leasehackr Score: [10]

Okay but not great. Other community members have offered steeper discounts on demo 2018 330e’s at buy rate.

I think to get significant interest here you need to be at buy rate and probably another $2000 off…

Maybe I’m being too critical.

This is not an amazing deal on a 330e.


This is a great deal guys, but it’s not for everyone. If this is too much for you then please don’t ruin it for others and keep any negative comments to yourself. Thanks

It’s not even Close to a great deal. It’s not negative to say something isn’t a great deal when it isn’t.

You are just trying to sell a car, we are here to make sure people get the best deals possible here and in this case it’s clearly not a great deal considering there is 10 pages of better deals on this same car

Question, if the mileage is below 5000 miles as shown on the website. How come the residual is 58.5% when it should be something like 65% for a 24 month lease?

Other BMW dealers can do the loaners at the buy rate of 0.00152

Have had my eye on the black 330i wagon you guys have for a while. But the mileage on the dash shows over 5000 while the mileage on the site shows under 5000

Yeah, it’s a great deal for you - the salesman.

It’s an OK deal for someone who doesn’t know what may be possible. For the people who come here, this is a nonstarter.

The fact you can’t/won’t give buy rate and a bigger discount and may be tapped out doesn’t make it a good deal.

If anyone is considering buying this, I highly recommend you find another 3 series loaner for significantly cheaper.

What is this a censure?
You know, this forum was created and still serves people that want/need to get hackers deals on leases. Why do you think you can silence someone’s comments only because they limit your profit?

You mean to say don’t ruin it for you, right? Have you seen the other 330e deals posted here? Do some research before you profess your deal is “great”.

Like, literally look at 2 posts down - blows your average deal out of the water - 0 down, buyrate, way lower payments.

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in order any business to operate there has to be a profit. Sometimes we have profit in vehicles other times we take the loss. Please let me know where you guys work and let me go to your business and take any profit away you might have. This is a deal and again, if it’s not for you then move on. If there’s a car that doesn’t interest me , I wouldn’t waste time from my busy schedule to comment. If there are better deals out there, why are you still on the thread?

Keep negative comments to ourselves? Your “deal” sucks. Disappear and email some poor soul begging them to come to your store for a test drive, work in a “weather package”, tint and some other filth, and whatever other items from your sales playbook.

Did I suggest for you take your post down? - No. Did I say your deal was good or bad? - No.
Again, for the people that don’t understand Egnish - this is a Forum from Latin - “open space” where anyone can voice their opinion. What I am specifically saying to you, that you are not the one deciding who should or should not be silenced on the forum. Do you get it?

Do you not know what this website about? If you’re going to post an offer that’s not competitive, people will call it out for what it is.

Don’t come here with that profit crap when there are other dealers that can easily beat your “deal”. I’m sure those dealers aren’t in the business of selling/leasing cars at a loss.

You don’t get to tell people not to evaluate your deal here. That is exactly what this forum is for.

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If the other members were just talking to talk then that will be trolling but within the past 3 weeks there has been 3 deals posted by dealers way better then yours and my deal not to mention other members deals $100 plus less a month… also your residual is wrong by a lot lol residual on a 2017 330e with 4800 miles on a 24/10k lease is not 58% here is the proff of recent deals

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Here’s the contact page at Shelly BMW: https://www.shellybmw.com/dealership/staff.htm

I’m sure one of his managers might want to know about Eloy’s behavior and that it is a bad look for the dealership.

I don’t think that’s necessary. He’s entitled to conduct business as he sees fit, he just won’t generate the traffic or interest he was hoping for here.

Other folks from this dealer have posted much better deals and they will get our business as will other respected registered dealers/brokers.

I think we have gotten our point across and can drop it.


I agree with @28firefighter, let him be.


Taking a ‘dealers are the enemy’ approach doesn’t score great deals. For every great hack here, there was a sales guy at a dealership who helped make it happen. Plenty of bad apples out there for sure, but also plenty of lazy shoppers expecting unicorn deals to be handed to them without any legwork. No need to mess with a guys livelihood over a so so deal and an unfamiliarity with how this community operates.