2017 BMW 330e Lease?

Hi All,

I have been offered the following in Southern California on a new 2017 BMW 330e:

MSRP $47,095
Sale Price $41,887.15
Residual: $29,198.90

$385/mo including tax for 35 months
Driveoff for $3800 ($1000 for tax/title/registration/first month + $2800 for 7 MSDs)

Only rebate included in that is $3000… I don’t qualify for anything cool like loyalty. Can put all $3800 on creditcard :o

Thanks in Advance

Payment looks good but we need to know what the residual and MF is.

Most dealers allow drive off to be paid with CC if they push back tell them other BMW Dealers allow it.

See my post in the Share Deals forum - my dealer offered me $7500 off before any credits on $52k car. Another dealer offered me $7000 off before credits. I think you can push them to do better. Shoot for at least $10k off including the lease credit.

Awesome car, btw, I think you’ll really like it.

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Agreed, when I saw @loberant’s list I went and drove one and was surprised at how good of a car it was. Missed out on getting it to someone who was local at the dealer, they got a sweet loaded car for a steal.

Looks like the 330e is the BMW to lease for the time being.

So I just got my wife a new 330e. Decided to ask for no down and $400/month including tax. Eventually they gave it to me on a 36/10k (though they wanted to do $1500 drive off which was fine with me). Thought about it a bit and then decided to go for a 24/12k with 7 msds. $4k drive off (they wanted to round, so cap reduction is $58) and payment is 393/month.

I’m extremely happy with this payment for a 2017 model that costs $55k+. I actually feel like I might have been able to do a bit better, but decided not to push it when they met my number.


what dealer? i want one

This is what I’m talking about guys! A screen shot! Well done bud! enjoy the new ride. The 330e is a really underappreciated piece of machinery. One should never shrug it off as a regular 3 series.

This was Irvine BMW.

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thanks i hope to soon have one…