2017 BMW 330e lease deal

What do you guys think about this deal I got from Riverside BMW is 36 months 12k miles residual 61% MSRP $52,900
How can I do better

Lease Terms
Lender BMW Financial Services
Term 36 Months
Mileage 12,000/year
Money Factor 1.5
Residual Factor 61%

Selling Price $45,000.00
Bank Fee $925.00
Capital Reduction $2,701.78

Total Capitalized Cost $43,223.22

Residual Value $32,128.70
Total Depreciation $11,094.52

Monthly Depreciation $308.18
Monthly Finance Charge $113.03

Monthly Payment $421.21
Tax (8.75%) $36.86

Monthly Payment with Tax $458.06

Capital Reduction $2,701.78
Cap Reduction Tax (8.75%) $243.41
Up Front Tax (8.75%) $0.00
License & Registration $416.75
Documentation Fee $80.00
First Payment $458.06
Security Deposit $0.00

Drive Off $3,900.00

Rebate $3,000.00

Due at signing $900

This is what I got from Pacific BMW
I’m pushing for better but it seems like I hit rock bottom now.
Is there anything else that I can do? Let me know

Are you in Southern Cal? Who are you working with? Can I have the name of your sales person. I want a 740i and I am not getting anywhere close to the 1% rule.

Reach out to Greg Poland at Pacific BMW. He’ll give you a good deal w no hassles.

Okay quick update on the deal I have going on with the 330e M sport 36 months 12k miles
MSRP- 53,950
Selling price-47,095
Money factor-0.00150
Shows 5,500 rebates
Zero down zero out of pocket they’re giving me a payment of 461 including tax
I’m calculating 445 including tax
But over all how does deal look?

Where did you get this number? I’m looking at the same car and with 1500 down 406 a month in not getting m sport… See if they have 2 m sport maybe we can get a better deal. I can close anytime im in Pasadena area

I think @nyclife is a broker, but he has a decent deal that you might be interested. Check out his thread or PM him.

that deal is through me, dealer lied to me on the price. Once I passed the deal they hiked it up by $25 a month on top of removing the incentive that it included. When we complained they said they wouldn’t sell it, I am taking it down asap. I have the records to prove that they are at fault, and misrepresented the whole thing. Ask @Jordaholic he has seen all of the e-mails to prove it. Also, the 1500 isn’t down, its due at signing (mainly tax on the incentive).

@nyclife is the truth people. I thought my profession was full of slimeballs, this dealer we dealt with was pure trash.