2017 BMW 320i Southern California

First posting here on the Leasehackr. My name is Samson and I am part of the Sales/Fleet team at Pacific BMW in Glendale, California. We recently pulled a service loaner from our fleet and it is ready to buy. Jet Black on Black 2017 320i. Feel free to reach out to me via work cell (310) 752-3550 (Text is the easiest way to reach me.) for this car or any other inquires.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2017 BMW 320i

MSRP: [34,445.00]
Selling Price: [29,635.00]
Rebates: [$3,000 Lease Credit, $750 Loyalty Credit]

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [10,000]

MF: [.00152] (Based on Tier one credit score)
Residual: [61%]

Total Due At Signing: [$1749.46]
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$250.49] (Based on LA Tax 9.5%)

Zip Code: [91204]
Sales Tax Rate: [9.5%]

This vehicle is located in Southern California zip code 91204 currently has 2650 miles. It is a retired loaner vehicle, and the deal is dependent on tier 1 credit as well as qualification for loyalty credit.

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Welcome @Samson. Please post any future deals in the Marketplace section.

Thank you Jon, will do.

Just for the reference, look at MSRP…

Lower that selling price a few thousand and you’ve got a good deal.

Sorry not possible thanks

If it had a couple thousand miles it might have been possible, our market tends to favor low miles.

No I know. Just looking at the deals you’re offering versus this one makes this one significantly less appealing.

You list 61% as residual…what about the residual hit for miles over 500?

No residual hit below 5,000.
At 5,000+ it’s a 4% hit
At 7,500+ it’s a 6% hit.
Car is currently at 2650 miles

what about the mileage penalty then…anything over 500 miles and below 5,000 is $.25/mile, isn’t it? Doesn’t that lower the residual?

Yes charge is taken into account into the payment, basically a wash so the residual doesn’t take a hit but is entered as a penalty. 2650-500=2150*.25=537.5 is included

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