2017 BMW 320I Service Loaner (SOLD)

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: [2017 BMW 320I Sedan]

MSRP: [$
Selling Price: [$
Rebates: [$

Months: [24]
Annual Mileage: [10,000]


Total Due At Signing:

Monthly Payment (incl. tax):


Wow, these BMW loaner deals are pretty insane, even with marked up MF.

This should go quick

This actually sounds interesting to me as a car to keep miles off our aging LS460.

Where is it at and is the same available to a Texan?

located in the city of Buena Park 90621

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What’s the package(s) on this. 320i starts @ 34/35k?

Gave you a call and left a message.

Have a buyer on it will remove once sold!

That’s cool, Lmk if it falls through. I can hop on a plane pick up this weekend.

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@F30Daniel for future reference do you ship?

keep these deals coming, @F30Daniel!

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Let me know as well if the deal falls through, I live in NorCal. Ideally would like 15K annual mileage though (or at least 12K).

As @Jon said, these BMW loaner deals are insane.

Wish there was a way to subscribe to posts from @F30Daniel and @BMW_Dave and take advantage of one of these firesales they post.

So far Daniel has been posting the best deals from a salesman that I’ve seen. Let’s hope this incentivizes others to step up their game to provide quality deals for fellow hackrs :slightly_smiling_face:

holy crap, wish we had these deals in nyc area

Ditto but for DFW metro!

Gave you a call. I’m literally ready to sign papers today/tomorrow. No hassle, good credit and can apply recent grad. Will however ask for 12k miles.

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Local buyer only sorry brother…


SOLD, thanks Kenny for the referral!

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Sad to see it go so fast but for future reference if I can fly to pick up are these deals possible for out of state buyer?