2017 Best Resale/Residual Value Awards

2017 Bolt - resale value at 36 months: 29.5% :slight_smile:

EV resale value is generally terrible but Bolt might fare well for ~3 years until the Tesla comes out.

I can’t find the listing of the “worst” resale cars. This listing is for the top. You got the link to search by worst?

Hopefully bro1999 plans to keep his brand new bolt for a looooong time

Here are the best residual values by ALG, which happens to be a trueCar company :slight_smile:


Any model that wins an RV award from ALG or a Resale award from KBB means that those lenders need to spend less on incentives to offer low lease payments. It doesn’t mean that you’ll get the best lease deal on those models.

One thing to note about these awards… KBB awards are based on their 60mo forecasted RV. ALG awards are based on their 36mo forecasted RV. Every captive finance company and 3rd party lender subscribes to ALG RVs. Only one (that I know of) subscribes to KBB RVs. The other players in the RV space are RVI, Black Book, Edmunds, Moody’s Analytics and now JD Power. Each company has a team of analysts who try to forecast future resale values and publish values that are lined up with a zero loss value at wholesale, open auction.

The various lenders need actual RVs to originate leases off of that allow for competitive monthly payments so they are often using one or more of these 3rd party RV sources as the starting point of their analysis or simply as a reference point if it isn’t an input in their model. The RVs quoted on this forum and elsewhere are anywhere from a couple points below to dozens of points higher than ALG. It is all depends on how their risk models are structured and what kind of risk sharing agreements are in place to offset any RV losses that come back at the end of term.

ALG is the industry benchmark for RVs and has been forever. They started forecasting RVs in the 1964.

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That is understandable. But great insight, thanks!

I own a Forester, so for me it’s more about resale value.

Absolutely. Buying for resale value is a different mindset to be in when you are hunting for the best deal. If you lease one of those models you’ll have a very good chance of having positive equity at the end of the term.

Yes, I got $500 equity on my first leased 2009 Forester on a 3 months early trade-in to Subaru dealer.