2017 AWD Mercedes E300

I just purchase this car and they offer Mercedes Tire and Wheel warrenty for $2500 should I buy it?

Does anyone else buy this?

You’ve already asked this question twice in another thread, no need to open new topic. Also - you said it was E400 and it’s E300 here.

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Typo, I fixed it, my bad on that one.

Not sure what that covers. I just had my curb rash fixed for $125 on one wheel of a Maserati so it would take a lot to get to $2,500. Theoretically, it is guaranteed to pass lease inspection but mine is still 31 months away (just hate seeing it)

it covers everything, flats, rims, labor, you name it. its back by benz.

The general rule that I live by is that anything they trade to add on in the finance office is a crap deal for the customer. They try to sell you on the idea of big expensive repairs that generally either never happen or are not nearly as expensive as the portray them to be. The other HUGE element of any of those finance office deals is that you MUST read the fine print. These types of deals are normally loaded with catches that end up screwing you should you ever need it.

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You’ve asked this quite a few times and everyone has said that, no, it’s not worth it. If you’re truly this worried about it, go for it

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Yeah, he just needs a nod to do it, not the reasons not to do it. Seems like the only question for him is the price.

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Yup, the price. 1684 is lowest quote I got. Covers everything except cosemtic on rims

Cosmetics is the most likely thing you would need the warranty for.

So it covers the highly improbable instance that you bend a rim, but does not cover a scrape from a curb (something that happens very frequently)? I would run so far away from that deal that it is not even funny. I am beginning to think that you are either trolling us at this point or you are really looking for someone here to justify your desire to purchase this protection (as Ursus proposed earlier in this thread). In the end you are spending $1700 on something that is at best very unlikely to happen. If the piece of mind of getting a rim replaced if it is bent is worth $1700 to you, then do it. Personally, I think it is an utter waste of money. You also want to fully understand if the policy is pro-rated based on age of tires, etc. If you spend 10 minutes and Google “are tire and rim warranties worth it” you will find a treasure trove of information (most of it telling you what many of us on here have already told you, that generally speaking the offer the dealer is making is terrible for you).


He posted it twice so now there are 2 threads telling him to NOT do it

The sales person is quoting him $1,500 for a new rim and $500 for a new tire which you will NOT need when returning. They are expecting the rim to have 45k miles on it, not brand new. He is freaking out about this “brand new” numbers that he thinks he needs when returning the vehicle. Obviously, if you need a brand new something, it will cost more than the coverage but that is just a sales tactic.

But again, if you drive REALLY BAD and tend to not take care of your car (just trashing it all the time), just do it for the peace of mind.

Most of the crazy car people here take care of their cars. For example, if I get a curb rash 10 times, I would probably get them fixed 10 times ($125 x 10) within a week just because I don’t like to see it and I don’t really care what the inspector is going to say.

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Last question: gap insurance is included in all lease right? Its not something I need separate

Answer is here: http://bfy.tw/B3Tx

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That didn’t help, I research and I don’t understand it…Some places say you have to buy there first class lease proection gap insurance etc…

So is it included or not?

The LMGTFY he posted a link to clearly had results that state that MB includes GAP insurance. Toyota doesn’t but that is about it

You could have just asked your dealer already

Sounds like one the people that sign up, and then dont even have courtesy to come back and provide info on their decision or deal breakdown. My man if you want to buy it then buy it.

If your in NJ / NY willing to come down to PA my sale guy would probly beat / get you the best rate. send me message I’ll shoot you over his contact info.