2017 Audi S7 numbers

Prestige package.
I’m in Oklahoma.
15,000 miles annually
3 year lease
800 credit score.

The dealer says the numbers aren’t available yet.

I was told the 6% discount for Audi Club members was cancelled but that they would allow it on this purchase. Loyalty discount is $1000.00

They were most likely going to discount 6% but add $1000 or more to the rates.

36 Month
.00132 MF
57% 10k
56% 12k
54% 15k

$795 Bank Fee

Hope this Help!

Anthony @ https://dsrleasing.com

Is this DSRs deal or Audi’s numbers?

Audi’s. We’ll do an Audi Financial lease. they have the better program

Anthony @ https://dsrleasing.com

we just use our supplier discounts, so it should be better than the 6% off.

Are you looking into factory ordering one?

Just spoke with 3 of our Audi partners, dealers are only getting 1 or 2 per month of 2017 S7’s

they’re going to be tough to come by,

I think that salesman was low balling you

Yes, factory order. The hold up is waiting for Audi to release 2017 lease numbers. My sales manager estimated my payments though using a 49% residual for 15k miles. Nice huh? I’m reluctant to call him with your numbers and hear the "so you believe everything you read on the internet?"
I don’t foresee any issues getting my hands on one. My dealer says Audi might even have a “Season of Audi” discount for the S7 but I think he’s blowing sunshine up my backside.

hahahaha! I think you need to apply some sunscreen!!

Yeah looks like hes framing the conversations in his havor / 6% off msrp, 7% residual difference.

no way their going to season of audi on the S7’s dealers only receive a couple of them per year.

Sunshine is better than smoke. Audi’s notoriously lease bad, you could wait till the holidays and find a leftover one.


No Such thing as a left over S7 if dealers only get 1 or 3 per year.

There are north of 20 available when i search my zip code on audiusa.com. This isnt the RS7 were talking about.

yeah Audiusa’s website shows dealers with cars in stock, at the port, and in production, including the ones marked sold for customers orders.

less than 60 nationwide show up on cars.com available for sale.

Audi’s notoriously lease bad? KBB says the A5 and Q7 are at the top of the list in residual value. What am I missing?

Audi doesn’t inflate their residuals on leases like Bmw. For example. Audi A8 for 36/10 was below 50% 2016 750 is 62%.

Ohhh, I get it. I’ve been researching “actual” depreciated values not MFG residuals, I didn’t realize the numbers weren’t the same. THANKS!

Audi’s are a good buy but a bad lease, you have to really want an Audi to lease it in my opinion.

i think what you’re missing is that is an S7!! hahaha

While i do like it, the S7 is equivalent to a 550i. RS7, now your talking.