2017 Audi Q5 Prem Plus w/tech Socal

Hi, How do I go about finding the best MF rates available and all dealer incentives for the 2017 Audi Q5 prem plus w/tech ? I have seen MF of .00097 and residual of 58% on the Edmunds forums. This would he for Southern Cal.

The redesigned 2018 model will be available in a month or so, and I assume dealers will be aggressive in unloading the 2017 models. On a dealer visit, I was offered $5000 off msrp without even asking. Lease for 36/10k was quoted as $438 + tax ($476 incl tax) with $3000 down.

I know that is a good starting point, but there must be much more of a discount that is possible now.

I would prefer leasing with minimal down payment.

Sorry I only have a rough quote on those prices from salesman.


I got a good deal from Walters Audi in Riverside. Had to make the drive from OC but it was worth it.
That was about 2 years ago though.
You have nothing to loose send Brett an email.

thanks. I think I got a good deal on my own. FYI - Dealers are getting aggressive with the 2017’s as the 2018 arrives in a month or so.

2017 Q5 / Premium Plus / Tech and MMI packages.
$1000 down (total out of pocket drive off), $478/mo 36/12k
It was basically $8000 off msrp with the discounts and rebates.

thats not a bad deal imo , lets see if we can get a SQ5

Great discussion but getting MSRP included would be nice to see how good of a deal it is.

MSRP 47,540
MF = .00097
Adj cap cost = 40753
resid = 27154

the $1000 down included 1st pmt, doc fees.

timba33 - I am also trying to get a similar deal, can you share the dealership details in socal ?

I assume this was a 2.0T?

$440 incl tax, minimum drive offs on 36/10 should be possible- need good haircut on MRSP and a willing fleet manager.

I’ve been looking into 3.0T and they are doggedly holding onto unrealistic prices. I’ve seen $600s on these and laughed at the dealer so hard.

Without even asking the dealer in S Atlanta offered 14% off MSRP ($48,850) on the '17 Q5 2.0T Premium + with season of audi and nav… probably bc they have 50+ 2017s sitting on the lot and the '18s are showing up.