2017 Audi A4 Quattro Premium Plus

2017, Audi, A4 Quattro, and Premium Plus:

MSRP: [$48,905]
Selling Price: [Not sure, I used the Honker app]

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [12,000]
Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: [$2,137]
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$517]

Zip Code: [11229]
Sales Tax Rate: [8.875%]

Hello Hackrs,

What do you guys think about this deal in NYC? Do you think I can do better? If yes, how much better? Thank you

Most people here will say Audis don’t lease very well. You could probably get a 5-series or E-class for similar money.

For an A4, that’s not a bad monthly as long as the due at signing doesn’t include money down. But as noted above they don’t lease well compared to BMW or MB so you could probably get more bang for your buck on a 3 series, C300 or even Infiniti Q50 or Lexus IS.

Money is money, it’s the same dollars leaving your pocket whether you call it a CCR or a bank fee or something else.

I forgot all the details, but when I was looking for lease options a few months ago for 2016 A4 Premium Plus AWD leftovers, I was able to get a few quotes of $400 or below included with 9% tax from local dealers with nothing out of pocket when signing - not even MSDs.

To me, A4 for $517 with $2137 at signing is too much. That is $20232 out of pocket for $48905 sticker car.

2017 model year is a redesign. They were trying to get rid of all the 2016s. For perspective. I have a 2017 A4 Premium Plus, $49k sticker, $1,500 total out of pocket, $499 a month

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Thanks for all your help… it seems like BMW are quite expensive as well, due to the higher MF…

MF for BMW is not that high, especially after MSDs.

Echoing everyone else here, last month I was looking at Audi A4, Mercedes C300, and BMW 3 series. I found the leases on the Audi to be far more expensive, than the BMW and Mercedes.

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Hello, I’m new here and am curious to know what you mean when you say “Audi’s don’t lease well?” Do you mean typically there are not good leasing deals on Audi’s. I ask because I’m considering leasing an A4 at the end of the year when my Sonata lease ends. Thanks in advance.

Yeah typically their lease rates are higher than equivalent comparables (e.g. BMW or Mercedes with similar MSRP)

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Audi has been setting sales records every month for like 4 years - there’s going to be far less risk on their part in their residuals and what their MFs are going to be - they have no need to ‘support’ their sales much

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BMW and Mercedes lease better, but now that BMW got rid of MSD’s it will be interesting to see what incentives they roll out.

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