2017 Audi A4 MF and Residual

I’m in St. Louis, MO. Can someone provide the MF and Residual for 2017 Audi A4 for the following?

36 months/12K miles
42 months/12K miles


2017 A4 2.0T, 36/12K

Premium/Premium Plus FWD: 57% residual, .00052 MF
Premium/Premium Plus quattro: 59% residual, .00099 MF
Prestige FWD: 54% residual, .00052 MF
Prestige quattro: 55% residual, .00099 MF

$1,000 Audi Loyalty Cash

Numbers are national.

Thank you Michael.

Is it easy to get $1,000 Audi Loyalty Cash for someone who doesn’t own one? What are someone of the arguments? Any help is appreciated.

Audi Loyalty requires someone in your household to currently own or lease a 2001+ Audi.