2017 AUDI A3 lease offer from today ....is it worth pursuing?

Hello All,
I enjoy reading this forum and this is my first post. Below are the details an Audi dealer in Miami florida offered me today. The only package this car has is the ‘convenience package’. Is this anything worth pursuing? If not, what parts make it a bad deal? (I don’t have the MF as the salesman said he needed to run my credit first.)

Thanks in advance!

New 2017 AUDI A3 4dr Sdn / 2.0T Premium
Options for 36 MO /10K miles:

$2,678.23 down / $439.24 month / $18,091.55 residual
$3,841.00 down / $405.40 month / $18,091.55 residual
$5,000.00 down / $371.66 month / $18,091.55 residual


Retail Price: $34,135.00
Preferred Customer Disc: $2,663.50
Selling Price: $31,471.50
Option*: $497.00
Warranty: 0.00
Sales Subtotal: $31,968.50
Tax: $2,028.23
Battery Fee: $1.50
Doc Fee: $697.50
MVWEA (lemon Law): $2.00
Registration: $500.00
Tag Agency: $298.00
Tire Fee: $5.00
Remaining Balance: $35,500.73

Dealer Added Accessories: TINT-WHEEL LOCKS-NITROGEN $497.00

1st. Payment, security deposit, tax on down payment, license, title and documentation due at delivery.

Without money factor and residual it is hard to help. Also get them to remove the stupid Dealer charges.

I did list the residual along with the three lease options they gave me… here it is below. Sorry about not having the MF.

$2,678.23 down / $439.24 month / $18,091.55 residual
$3,841.00 down / $405.40 month / $18,091.55 residual
$5,000.00 down / $371.66 month / $18,091.55 residual

I meant residual in a % form.

It’s 53% - he gave all the information you need to see residual %. This looks terrible - you can get much more car for the same money in other brands like BMW, Lexus, MB, jaguar…

Try to get this Payment range 35k msrp

Your Dealer is charging too much in extra fees and taxes are not paid upfront


On the same A3 2.0 Premium with $34135 MSRP, Payment is $359 including tax / $2595 Total Due at signing

36 Month
10,000 Miles per year
$18092 residual
.00020 MF
Includes license of $323, your seems a bit high, what state are you in?

Or the base with more $$ down on our lease specials …

Agreed, horrible! It’s because the residual is so low on why your monthly is so high (but you probably knew that)

Doesnt even pass the 1% test :stuck_out_tongue:

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You guys are correct. The numbers are very bad and the ‘convenience package’ is somewhat lacking. I looked at a 2017 Infiniti Q60 yesterday (2.0t Premium 2dr Rear-wheel Drive Coupe) and the pricing was in the range of the A3 quote I received and the Q60 MSRP was $46,240.00