2017 Alfa Romeo Guilia AWD Sport - $425/mo 24mo 10k/yr

Hi All,

This was an entirely impulse decision, happened in all of 15 minutes - I’m happy with the car, love it. I think it’s a little expensive, but I’d say worth it over all.

The contract is a little confusing for me, so here goes top line price,:

MSRP: $42840
’agreed upon value’: 38947(?)
Gross Cap Cost: 41631
Adjusted Cap Cost: 36064
Residual: 26132.40

My total payments, for certain, are 24x$425 + $2075.

So as far as I can muster, I am paying $12275 over two years for a $43k car.

If it is already done and you are happy that is all that matters.

Sometimes it is better to not know how good the deal is. It’s like being in a relationship and then finding out she/he slept with your best friend before you.

unfortunately this is why they aren’t dropping the price more… $511 monthly for $42.8k car

some dude bought a Ti at the local dealer i wanted for MSRP. I thought the salesperson lied to me until i saw a post on Giulia forums where he got his “deal” with the numbers.

EDIT: Frustrated lol enjoy your car OP. At least you got some discount, not like the person at my local dealer…

Ah well - I knew that I was overpaying the moment I realized I was signing without really considering what the cost was. Typically I am attracted to buy off-lease used cars.

The car is awesome, nevertheless. If you enjoy driving - Highly recommended.

Thanks for sparing me.