2017 Acura ILX Base - NJ

Hi All, just got back from the Acura dealer negotiating on a 2017 ILX Base and I’m wondering if this is considered a good deal. This is in NJ.

They offered me an out the door price of $285/month with first month’s payment due at signing.
36 months/15k miles per year.

Money factor is .00052

Residual is 48%.

I misplaced the paper they gave me with all of the details, so I apologize if this doesn’t include everything, however these items are what I remembered off the top of my head.

Should I jump on this? Or is this a sub-par deal?


Are you sure it’s the car you want? I recall seeing it on some ‘most regretted’ or worst purchase list

lol me personally, no. It’s for my sister in law and she seems to really like it.

That same car/terms on Honcker is going for 262 a month with 1432 due at signing for taxes, titles, fees, and first month. That comes out to $10602 total cost for the lease. Your lease total cost is $10260 so it’s not too bad.