2017 Acadia sle 2 deal

Heres a deal being offered by a dealer seems very high to me for AWD 2017 acadia sle2
Msrp 40,475
Costco negotiated price 38,738
Residual 63%
Money factor .0007
900 down covers 1st payment and dmv fees
NY tax 8.675 rolled into lease
There also paying my two remaining gmc payments using the pull ahead program totaling $700
3 years 36000 miles

Dealer gave me a price of 475 a month

Is something off or is this just a bad vehicle to lease. SRemsen very high for not getting leather or higher model

I am paying 500$ a month with taxes included with no money down and no money due on signing on a FWD Acadia 2017 Denali. No way your payment should only be 25$ less. My vehicle was $46,500 or so

Thanks. Did you use costco program or did you just negotiate price and what other incentives were there. I got another dealer down to 419, but didn’t get the numbers on the price of the actual car, only monthly payment

You are not going to get any comments if all you have is the monthly payment on the $419 …


You can do better.

I just got a quote a few days ago on a SLE-2, $353/month, no money down, 24/15K deal.

Was that awd? Also, did you pay taxes up front. I’ve been shopping around at about 5 dealers and there ranged from 415 to 475. Can you share what dealer you got price from. I wouldn’t mind doing a 24 month lease like that if it is that much cheaper. I would think the 24 month would be higher.

Ok I have another offer seems to be a better deal what do you think sle 2 with sunroof and 8 inch bose radio awd
3 years 36000
Msrp: 41905
Costco sale price:39700
Offering me additional 1000 consumer cash
500 loyalty rebate
500 farm bureau rebate
Residual 63%
M.f. .0007
Tax in my ny area is 8.675

Total monthly cost 414 with just mv fees and 1st payment down