2017 Acadia Limited AWD, $355 Per Month, $0 DOWN,24 Month Leases (SOLD)

I have a few 2017 Acadia Limited AWD, With Heavy Rebates

All pricing is with $0 Down

Due at Drive Off - First Month, Dmv, Bank Fee & Sales Tax

Exterior- Summit White
Interior- Dark Cashmere

  • Dual Skyscape Sunroof
    Msrp- $48,175

10K-$355 PER MONTH
12K-$374 PER MONTH
15K-$394 PER MONTH

10K- $355 PER MONTH
12K-$368 PER MONTH
15K-$393 PER MONTH

Exterior - White Frost Tri-Coat
Interior- Black
-Dual Skyscape Sunroof
-Trailering Equipment
Msrp- $49,745

10K-$376 PER MONTH
12K-$397 PER MONTH
15K- $417 PER MONTH

10K- $373 PER MONTH
12K-$387 PER MONTH
15K-$413 PER MONTH

Cars will only last a few days, if serious and willing to submit a credit application, Please Call or Text me 631-334-5320, have window stickers as well.
Only working Tri- State Deals(NY,PA,NJ,CT)
Located in NY

I am interested with #1. Can you give me the breakdowns on the RV, MF etc? And what is the drive-off amount?

I am in NJ Burlington county.


Please text me 631-334-5320 thank you

I don’t see this trim on http://www.gmc.com/suvs/choose-your-acadia-mid-size-suv.html? for anyone interested Honcker also has some good deals on this.

That’s because you are looking at the Acadia and not the Acadia Limited. Two different cars. The Limited is the old shape Acadia they are trying to get rid of.

Where can I find info on this? Very odd, they are both '17 models so they redesigned everything but the limited?

It seems that in the last week they have removed it from their website. Here is all I can find now

ahhh, thanks for that. Anybody have insight in this odd practice. @RVguy you got anything?

It is exactly what VW have done with the Tiguan. They have a Limited version which they will sell side by side with the new one.

Yes, but why? Do the have excess material?

Yes, they will still be selling the old model in other countries as well.

Nissan did that with the Rogue… Rogue and Rogue select.

Seems to be the way they trick buyers. Offer the current model year with old design and label it select or limited and try and move that inventory by having aggressive leases.

I have window stickers, you can text me 631-334-5320

Several OEMs have had to do this over the years and it is almost always because of an inaccurate demand forecast for the old gen product… It normally happens when a new generation product starts production at a different plant. They start the planning process years in advance and lock in a model year to launch the new product in. If they have a production schedule locked in on the old gen to build a certain number of units but the demand isn’t there, they end up extending the old gen an extra model year, call it some variation (Classic, Select or Limited have all been used) and let the monthly volume run dry as the new product grows in supply and sales.

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Tried to call and text you for the last couple of days. no answer…

This is very helpful. Once again thanks for sharing your deep knowledge in layman’s terms. Very much appreciated!

Also has a lot to do w/ profit per unit.

They already have eaten the cost of tooling and production.

I have it on good authority that the Journey Value Edition nets FCA 12k per unit made.