2017 Acadia Denali 24M 12K Offer

This is what the dealership sent this morning…Any thoughts?

Edited to put the Acq fee in the drive off.

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Looks pretty good to me for a top of the line fullsize SUV. Someone else may be able to let you know of extra incentives as $2000 seems a little low, but I could be wrong there.

I’ve looked into a Denali as well and that looks pretty good. Mind sharing what dealership? You can PM me and let them know you have another client for them :slight_smile:

GMC does not have many incentives unfortunately like Chevy does so the $2000 is pretty good

Looks like a really nice deal! How did you manage to get 10% off msrp before rebates? Did you check to see if increasing the money factor in exchange for acquisition waiver would save you any money?

Can you share in what state and which dealership this is with. I’m interested in the Denali and this will help with my negotiations.

Looks good! would love to get more info ( dealership/ location)
Thank you!