2017 550i xDrive Gran Turismo, $85k MSRP, $400 + tax, 7 mo left/ 1700 mi left, Orlando FL


This probably doesn’t make any sense, but no longer need this car, so checking if somebody wants it.

Lease maturity is 3/8/2020, with only about 1700 miles left to use, however, the payment is incredibly low for the MSRP.

There is no down, no MSD, simply transfer the lease and take over the payments. You’ll also get the run flat tires that came with the car in addition to the ones on it now, so you can put them back on at lease return.

Car is a loaded M-sport 550i GT (445 hp 480 tq) Carbon Black ext. brown nappa interior.

Executive package - inc: Head-Up Display, Soft-Close Automatic Doors, Ceramic Controls

Cold weather package -inc: Heated Front Seats, Heated Rear Seats, Heated Steering Wheel, Retractable Headlight Washers

Driver assistance plus - -inc: Speed Limit Info, Active Driving Assistant, lane departure warning, forward collision warning, pedestrian warning, and city collision mitigation, Active Blind Spot Detection, Side & Top View Cameras, top view (video of road alongside doors, taken by cameras in exterior mirrors) and side view (video of traffic approaching vehicle from the side, taken by cameras in front bumper); images displayed on the control display

Lighting Package -inc: Automatic High Beams, Adaptive Full LED Lights

Luxury Seating Package -inc: Front Ventilated Seats, Active Front Seats

Adaptive cruise + driving assistant

Last 7 of the vin are D085324

Pictures below are from when I took the lease over a few months back.


You should post the mileage overage. Whoever assumes will use some extra miles.

Still a good deal for a low mileage driver.

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Sorry for the oversight.

It’s $0.25 an extra mile.

Wasn’t this transferred here once before? Looks familiar.

If so, you should confirm that BMWFS will allow a second lease transfer - I’ve heard they can be finicky about that.


You’re right, I got it off an awesome member here. I’ve transferred BMW’s multiple times before with no issues.

This is a an awful hobby LOL

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+$1,250 for miles + $1,200 (transfer fee, disposition fee)

$2,450 + $2,800 = $5,250 / 7 = $750 a month

Not bad, but putting it into perspective.

assumption and disposition fees are only 850 in total, not 1200, unless I’m missing something.

Also, I know for a fact that BMWFS waives disposition for a new lease OR another assumption within six months. I know because they did when I assumed this lease.

Also, BMW allows the lease to be extended by an extra three months if needed. Which makes the numbers even better.

You are right though, this deal won’t work for everyone.

If nothing else it’s a cheap anchor into loyalty! If one can get a pull ahead out of a dealer or there’s equity (lol) then even better!

Does the word equity ever come into play at the end of a BMW lease?

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Once in a blue moon. For me there was anyway on a nearly base X2 I chewed down to RV at inception.

Anyway: GLWT OP!!


I’d like to shake hands with the beast that has equity in a BMW lease without a huge and pointless down. LOL


Apologies, I was basing on MB numbers. Not trying to crap on the deal, still respectable for an $85k car, just noting that the actual monthly is going to be closer to around $700.

As Electric notes, not a bad way for someone to backdoor into loyalty…

Good luck on the transfer!

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Not a problem my friend. I’m grateful for the amount of knowledge you impart in these forums. Learned a lot from your postings.

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The net cap cost and money down at lease inception have absolutely nothing to do with equity at lease end since the RV doesn’t change, so y’all just blowing smoke.

Very good point.

Mods, please close thread as the vehicle is no longer available.

Thank you all who chimed in.