2017.5 Nissan Rouge SV with Premium Package

Rouge SV
Premium Package

Just did this deal for my sister.

MSRP: 29,870
Rebates 2850 ( if you own Toyota car)
Monthly payment $258
Upfront $258 just first payment

Dealer: Koeppel Nissan in Queens NY

What’s your sale price? That does seem right about where you should be though.

My guess is you sale price is about $26,675 given that you should be $2k below invoice

I believe it was 27,163

Then you are only getting $1500 below invoice. You can go lower.

I have contacted about 25 dealers plus 2 brokers on this forum. Best I got was $265 plus first payment $265 and $330 DMV upfront.

Just saying, I did 3 Rogues this year, all at $2k below invoice. I am in LA though.

I only checked around 150 miles radius from my location. Saving $15-$20 but then traveling 500 miles doesn’t make sense. If you are saving around $4000 on the entire lease then it makes sense to travel and look around east coast. That’s what I did when I picked my Scat Pack in Atlanta.

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You’re in very good shape with this offer.

I had an sv with premium and a few add ons 30500 msrp for 256 a month all in. You’re very close to this but for a lower msrp so id say see if they can throw in an accessory or two to sweeten the deal.

I ended up going with an SL since my wife wanted leather but we are very happy with the redesign on the rogue.

Congrats and enjoy

Thanks, I just picked it up, my sisters lease was expiring on her Hyundai, so we went with this deal.

@sgmaugie - Just curious, how much you got the SL for. Thanks in advance.

In MA, the Rogue sport is going for 117 a month MSRP 20k. So I don’t see why the 28k MSRP would double the payment …

These are different models. Sports models is smaller than regular Rouge. You hardly see any sports models, atleast in NYC area.

Plus your $117 price is for FWD and on base model. Add AWD, SV, Premium package,tax, bank and DMV fees and you’ll be around $200 or maybe even more.