2017 330i xdrive

Got this deal done mid-end of January on the East coast

MSRP: $48,485
Selling price: $34,995 (including 3k lease cash)
Loyalty: additional -$750 off
Negative equity from current lease: +$550 to selling price
MF: .00152

All fees (acquisition, registration, doc) rolled in

24/10k lease: $337 including tax in PA (9% tax I believe)

Only payment at signing was first month

Without negative equity and fees rolled in, was looking at $250-260/month

Was it a loaner? How did you get them to take so much off the msrp? I’m in upstate NY, are you anywhere near there?if so, can you provide dealer info?

Yes it was a loaner. And this was the advertised price online, so the only negotiation was getting the MF down from .00192 which took some back and forth.

Passport BMW in MD

If your negative equity was 550, it would’ve been closer to 300, not 250. I wouldn’t count fees…you pay them one way or another whether up front or in the deal. Still a good deal on a 48k car.

Yup, just have seen many people paying acq, registration, doc upfront which I didn’t want