2017 / 2018 Golf R Leasing discussion

Hi fellow hackrs

I’m looking at a 2017/2018 Golf R for a good friend of mine and we’re finding that they lease HORRIBLY. 36/10 gets you .00249 MF and 64% residual. None of the dealers are budging off of MSRP. After searching on here a bit there seems to be a consensus that this car leases horribly. Has anyone had luck leasing these? What should I be looking for? If they lease “horribly”, what is the “deal” I should be targeting if this is a MUST HAVE vehicle?

Buy it. 202020202020

I would find a used 1/2 year old and buy it if its a must have car

buy a used S3 and call it a day.

If you must have it, buy it.