2016 VW Jetta lease for 24 month lease term for $79+Tax + $4347.97 drive off

I just got this quote from my dealer and was wondering if this is a legit number.
Is there any way i could bring the numbers further down?
What’s behind this so called “deal preparation fee” they charge 500$ for?

The down payment for the Jetta S ad is $2,499. No I will itemize the drive off cost.
Sales tax- $322.11
Registration- $236.75
First patment - $86.11
Aquisition fee to bank- $625
Documentation fee- $80
Deal Preparation fee- $499
Total out of pocket cost for a $79 monthly payment plus tax is $4347.97 which includes drives off cost and down payment.

I just leased a Jetta S for 24 months from Eli in Redwood City, CA and he didn’t charge me those fees.

I paid zero down, 23 months at ~$172 approximately

Also never put money down on a lease – you could lose your down payment in the event of a collision.

great thank you for your reply!

did you have to negotiate a lot?

@WBL What was your drive off cost? i was just talking to my dealer and she said she would need to know exactly, then she might be able to give me the same deal. that would be great!!

If you could break down all the costs, that would be incredibly helpful.

Okay, so just got the offer revised:

$1234 drive off, $175 month (191 incl. tax)

sounds good?

The “Deal Preparation fee” is a ripoff, walk away! And the number still looks too high, it’s a base Jetta S, shouldn’t be that high. try get a quote from the other dealer

thank you. what do you think about the other deal i posted?

$1234 drive off, $175 month (191 incl. tax)


I think you should get other quotes from the other dealer. How many miles per year?


10K, actually less, but the leases don’t calculate below

The deal prep fee is complete bs and needs to come out of the deal. Are you in California? The doc fee is limited by state law to $80 so it seems they just added the bogus $499 fee to make up for it.

The acquisition fee is usually rolled into the cost of the lease (every VW dealer I got a quote from did that without asking). And at 0.12% APR, the cost is negligible.

Find out what the residual percentage is on the S trim (the MF is probably .00005 like the rest of the Jetta trims) and plug the numbers into the lease calculator to get an idea of what your payment could be, and how much of a discount from MSRP they would have to give to get it there.

Zero drive-off – true zero, I paid nothing at signing
My payment is based on 12k miles per year (the decreased residual meant an extra $8 per month)
.000005 money factor
MSRP of $18,7xx
Price of $14,7xx then taken down to $13,7xx from this month’s $1000 incentive promotion
Doc fee was $80 if I recall

How much is it per month? And which dealership is it?


thats the deal Wimbledon talked about earlier, 172/month at Eli Redwood City, CA

Thats about right. Jetta is on my shopping list alone with Volt, Corolla, Camry, and i3. Have 2 month to shop. You should take more time to talk to other dealers and ask them to beat each other’s quote. Don’t rush.

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@WBL i talked to my dealer and she said that this MSRP is off – is yours an automatic or manual?

i’ll do that.
it seems the best deals are with VW right now.
in which area are you shopping?
im in LA

Try Santa Monica VW.

this is where i get these offers from
do you think i can get the price further down?

Try Alhambra, Pasadena, downtown LA.

Manual - the MSRP was definitely $18,7xx