2016 VW GTI S 4-Door DSG

I’m in the market for a leftover 2016 VW GTI S 4-Door DSG with no other options. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and one dealer quoted the following lease terms:

MSRP: 27785 (Base + First Aid kit + Monster Mats)
Sale Price: 25785 (Not negotiated yet. This is the first quote)
3Yr/36K miles 15,837.45 (57%)
3Yr/30K miles 16,115.30 (58%)
2Yr/20K miles 18,060.25 (65%)
MF: .00220
Total out of pocket:$1500 (includes 1st month payment, acquisition, registration)

The MF seems very high to me. Dealer said he may be able to bring it down to 0.00202 after running my application with VW credit.

What MF numbers are you guys seeing? Also, I thought down payment was optional. Isn’t that right? Thanks

Contacted another dealer and he quoted sales price of $22185 with MF 0.00299 which seems outrageous

Base MF for GTI is currently .00115. Valid through 8/31/16. Anything above that is marked up for additional dealer profit.

Is the Residual on the GTI SE the same as the S trim?

Yup. Residuals and rates for GTI are the same across the board.

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Well, finally I bought the car yesterday. Ended up purchasing and not leasing…
2016 GTI S 4-Door DSG in Carbon Steel Grey
Car: $26695
Destination: $820

  1. Monster Mats w/ Trunk Liner and CarGo Blocks: $235
  2. Luggage Net: $100
  3. Roadside Assistance Kit: $85
  4. First Aid Kit: $35

Total MSRP: $27970
Negotiated Price: $22000 including Partner Program discount (my employer was a partner)
So, $5970 off MSRP or 21.3%

Total out-the-door was $24302.xx with TTL in CA

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Wow. That looks like an insane deal. I’ve been looking at the Sportwagen and I can barely even get a response from the VW dealers around here.

What MF did you end up gettting and what do the payments look like?

He didn’t lease it…

Lease was not looking that great. No dealer would honor the same selling price and base MF of 0.00115 even though I have tier 1 credit. Figured buying is better since 2016s are almost running out

Awesome. These past few weeks I’ve been tempted to buy a GTI because of these deals – and I’m getting bored with my Focus Electric.

Too bad I have 9 months left on my lease, and I suspect prices will be higher by then because people will have forgotten about Dieselgate.

Edit: Did you also get 0% APR financing?

Enjoy! I ended up getting the Jetta GLI myself, which is the same engine and drivetrain. But in test drives the difference between the Golf and the Jetta was quite noticeable, fun, fun car.

Wow. Yeah I remember Bay Area VW dealers being pretty shady. I think I ended up going to Walnut Creek way back when I lived up there.

What sort of differences? Overall roominess or the way they drive?

No, 0% APR would have been a higher sales price…I had to get dealer financing at 4% which I supposedly have to keep for 6 months :stuck_out_tongue: . I hope to re-fi with local credit union when i get my first bill.

I’m not sure how electric cars hold value, but if you have any equity in the car that you can leverage and sell/trade-in your car early?

2 Bay Area dealers tried to pull a fast one on me. Such crooks…when I asked them to counter my lowest offer, then said they would beat it by 500 bucks if I can come in that day. I went to one only to realize that the internet sales manager made big promises that the general sales manager couldn’t keep…oh, no problem, i only had to miss work for a few hours and drive across town to meet them…and not even a straight face apology. For the second one, I asked to talk to his manager to see if he could approve and of course he couldn’t :slight_smile:

Way it drives, I felt like the Golf had more kick to it.

How good of a lease did you get on your GLI? I’m in Michigan and I couldn’t get any good numbers.

See my post history for the numbers that I got and which ad I showed dealers to help do that. But basically I got it for 280/mo $0 down including all taxes and fees, 1st payment due at signing. Under 1% of MRSP/month so not a bad deal, but nothing spectacular either.

I am shopping in the Bay Area too and warming this thread up to find out which dealer you went with.

I am shopping for a purchase price now too after I gave up on getting a decent money factor on the GTI. But it’s like pulling teeth, nobody would give me a straight up out-the-door quote. And I am talking to most of them.


Finally went with Capitol VW. They were willing to work with me and had the color that I wanted. My first choice was Boardwalk VW where the internet manager was very responsive and showed more willingness to get me the best offer but they could not get a dealer trade on the color I wanted…which by then were the last few steel grey’s in Bay Area.