2016 VW Golf GTI Quote

This is for a 2016 VW Golf GTI 4dr SE Auto w/ Lighting Pkg no Perf Pkg

I’m in SoCal/LA.

MSRP: 31,975
Selling Price: 30,114 ( Only 6% Off MSRP =-( This is where I feel like there is room to improve)
Capped Acquisition Fee: 625
Rebate: 1000 Loyalty Incentive
Total Cap Cost: 29,739

Residual: 61% (Same as all forum posts here)
MF: 0.00125 (Buy rate; Can I not negotiate this down?)

Due at signing/Drive off: 874 This was CA state fees and first month payment only. No CCR or additional down.
Down Payment aka “Capital Cost Reduction”: 0

Monthly Payment: 345 + tax or 377 incl. tax

I get the same exact numbers when I plug everything in to this site’s calculator. However I feel like the selling price could improve looking at TrueCar.

What bothers me the most is the salesman was telling me if I wanted to lower the selling price, they would have to raise the MF rate in order to “make up their loss on the back end”. That seemed insane to me. I feel like I should be able to negotiate the selling price independently of any type of financing or leasing.

I can confirm a 36/10K residual of 61% and MF of .00125.

You’re right; the selling price is the only place left to improve. TrueCar is showing $3,000 off MSRP before incentives.

My suggestion is to study the available inventory in your region. At the end of the month, email the dealer(s) with the car you want and ask if they’ll match Dealer X’s price, and if so, that you’ll come in “today” to pick up the car. Offer to email a copy of your driver’s license, proof of current insurance, and credit application, and obtain the final numbers (i.e., total drive-off and monthly) in writing before entering the dealership.

BTW, if you own or lease a non-VW, the Conquest Cash ($1,500) is actually greater than the Loyalty Cash.