2016 volvo xc90 t5

Hello Experts,

Need opinion for 2016 VOLVO XC90 T5 MOMENTUM FWD SUV. Dealer has priced it around $41k, is it good deal? New car not used car.

Leather Seats
Navigation System
Dual Moonroof

2016 models would not be available for leasing.

If you’re thinking of buying, check TrueCar for the cars value and then compare.

Not a good deal, even for purchase. The 2016 is a 2 year old car - not driven but sat in lot for 2 years. Really really need a bigger discount …

Thanks for your response

Thanks for your feedback… I will try to get more discount. I think $35k would be best deal, again as it is FWD I will think…

Keep in mind that although it’s a 16 the T5 didn’t start appearing on lots until halfway through 2016 so it’s not like it’s a T6 that could have been sitting there since 2015.

I would buy it for $35k.