2016 Volkswagen Tiguan RLine 4motion AWD $316/month lease breakdown deal that I got

Some of you asked me for a breakdown of the deal that I got for a 2016 VW Tiguan RLine 4motion AWD, so here it is.

2016 Volkswagen Tiguan RLine 4motion AWD Pearl White
MSRP $31,940.00
36 months
12,000 miles per year
Monthly payment - $316.04
Down payment/driveoff - $0.00
Agreed price of vehicle - $29,722.24
Acquisition fee - $625.00
Sales tax - $719.43
Capitalized cost - $31,066.67
Capitalized cost reduction $1,500
Doc fee + tax - $266.88
Title/Registration Fee - $33.50
Tax on capitalized cost reduction - $101.25
Total due at delivery - $2,217.67
Rebates and non-cash credits - $1,500
Paid from proceeds of deal $717.67

Total of base payments - $11,377.44
Residual value - $18,205.80
Adjusted capitalized cost - $29,566.67
Money factor - .00001

The dealer paid the first payment/other delivery fees and I am only making 35 payments of $316.04.

Other pertinent information: I am a Costco member and got an additional $400 discount.



Do you mind telling me where / what city you got this deal in? I got a really good deal quoted on a Tiguan S but I really really want the Tiguan R Line if I was going to get one - and was hoping to get payments under $300 a month with zero drive offs / everything rolled into monthly payments. I’m still trying to fingers cross that I can actually make it work! My lease is up in May so I am hoping for Labor Day super crazy special deals. Thank you! and I’ll only need 10,000 miles a year so maybe that will help…

This was in Ohio. Do you want all wheel drive? If not, you can figure approximately $38-42 less per month in monthly payments because AWD adds about $2k to the MSRP of the Tiguan. Mine has AWD, and for 12k miles per year I was at $316/month $0 down/drive off.

However, I did get $1500 conquest cash for owning a non-volkswagen vehicle. That expired on February 8th and I think they are only offering $500 conquest cash now. I also got a $400 Costco discount, so about $2000 in discounts that may not be available to you. I would highly recommend becoming a Costco member for $55/year if you are going to purchase a vehicle. The discounts can be huge. For example, the discounts on a 2016 Chevy Malibu fully loaded were $1800.

With the $2000 discounts that I got, that equated to about $40/month less in monthly payments if I were to go and purchase the vehicle today. The jump from 10k miles to 12k miles add about $10/month to the monthly payment, so you can figure it will be $10/month less if you only need 10k miles and another $40/month less if you only need FWD RLine.

I would wait until Labor Day to see if they are going to up the conquest cash again, as that is what really made this a good deal for me.

Good luck!

Thanks! My mercedes lease is up in May, so labor day seems to be the best time for all car leases, yeah? And with your numbers - I don’t need AWD and I only need $10,000 miles a year - so that looks like I could easily get it at $270 a month with zero drive offs, yeah?


And good tip on costco membership. I am eligible for $1500 in incentives at the moment ($500 for changing from non vw lease, $500 conquest cash, and there is a $500 presidents day cash until end of feb. - But it seems like Labor Day incentives will be way better for all brands, yeah?)

I would wait. I was at a lower payment on an se awd - conquest was $1500 and that dropped to Presidents’ Day $1000

Hoping March sees better offers given vw falling sales.

What were you at for your SE AWD? And how many miles etc?

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