2016 Toyota Sequoia Platinum 4WD with Lease $692 Southern CA

I quoted many Toyota dealers in southern California for the price of 2016 Toyota Sequoia Platinum 4WD. Many of them can’t give the 8% off the MSRP. One of the dealers offers me 8.2% off the MSRP, however, the monthly payment of leasing is about $692 with tax. Here is the details:

MSRP: 66970
Selling Price: 61500
Tax: 8%
Residual 57%
Money Factor: 0.002
Down(Tradein): 10000.

I used the calculator and got $614 with tax. I asked the dealer show me the calculation on leasehackr.com. He said they don’t use this system. Looks like the Sequoia Platinum is kinda rare on the market. I am wondering that is the $692 normal? Is it good deal to go for this price?


Are you paying inception fees up front or rolling them in? That can make that big of a difference.

No. I don’t think I pay any inception fees

That selling price is almost the same as a MB GLS350. Have you shopped other makes?

Could be a few reasons. The selling price might include incentives that are taxed. Or the selling price they are quoting you includes incentives that are available for purchases only (not leases).

Also, from what I hear, Toyota doesn’t residualize options. So a 50% residual on a $60,000 truck with $10,000 in options is $30,000 rather than $35,000.

$692/month and $10,000 down is a lot of money for what’s essentially a Tundra SUV that hasn’t been changed for 8 years.

Thanks you for your info. Yeah, I know this SUV looks out-of-date, but somehow I kinda like it. If the monthly payment is reasonable, I will go for it.