2016 Toyota Highlander XLE and Limited

Looking for the current money factor and residual on both trims for 36month/12K and 24month/12k. My location is Long Island NY. Are there good deals out there for this car since the 2017 is a new model?

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I just leased 2016 one pay lease 36 months 36,000 miles $10,679 or average of $296 a month in Wisconsin.

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For NY:

2016 Highlander AWD V6 XLE

24/12K: 77% residual, .00200 MF
36/12K: 69% residual, .00200 MF
Targeted: $500 Military

2016 Highlander AWD V6 Limited

24/12K: 74% residual, .00200 MF
36/12K: 66% residual, .00200 MF
Targeted: $500 Military

Multiple Security Deposit program available because the rates are not subvented. The XLE can be a fantastic lease.

I think the high MF kind of ruins it. In addition, truecar showing only 1k in doscount. Ran the calculator the lease score is less than 8. Unless i am doing something wrong.

@Michael: are you sure MSDs are available for Toyota in NY? See below:


Thank you! MF is pretty high but feel the high residual makes up for it. Do you agree??

I think a Durango would be better in my opinion. Again, i ran the numbers and unless you get invoice from dealer i would not lease it.

Do you happen to know the residual and mf on the durango? 12k/36

Go to edmunds lease forums but i was looking a couple of weeks ago and its about 57% with less than 1% APR. There is about 4500 in cash towards leasing and various rebates. Go to cars.com incentives section and lists all rebates. Go to truecar and build the durango you want and see what price is being sold as and apply rebates to that.

Thank you so much for the info!!!

You’re right! I forgot the OP is in NY.

Please let us know what you decide. Family situation changing for me and might need a 7 seater so would like to see what deal you got either the Highlander or Durango.

We looked at Durango but there wasn’t much inventory left on the lower models and even after searching the other dealers he still couldn’t find a truck for us.

We went with the Highlander XLE. There were a few options added on to this XLE cross bars for roof rack, floor mats, special color, and captain chairs for second row. Feel like we got a great deal on the Highlander. I dont have the exact details on me right now but just to get an idea. I put zero down (first & dmv only) 36/12k MSRP $41,100 got the truck for $38,200 and I believe the MF was .0016 and residual 69%. Monthly payment $434.

How do you think I did?

That deal looks good to me especially if you rolled taxes and acqusition fee. True car was showing only 1000 off so it seems like a good deal.

Yes the $434 includes acquisition fee & taxes. Good luck with your search.

I absolutely love this black 2016 Highlander.

Around $300 all in with no drive offs? AWD or FWD? Gap insurance? If something happens to the vehicle with a 1 pay lease, you would lose $10.6K?

Yes. I did turn in a 2013 Highlander SE that had 35,000 miles. I found that when you get two dealerships bidding against each other, they come down about $250 per day. One dealer told me that they had submitted their final offer only to be called a couple of hours later and offer to come down even more.

Our insurance company said they cover the gap. It is a company car.