2016 Toyota Camry XSE 12K/36 - is this a good deal?

Hello guys, got a quote from a dealer in SoCal today. Below are the details.

MSRP: 28680
PRICE: 25263
MF: 0.00001
Residual 15487 (what is the percentage? Is it 15487/25263?
Rebate: 1750 (qualified for 750 recent grad cash. I believe the dealer added it into the rebate amount. Is this a correct number?)

It comes to 288/mo, 0 drive off, 35 payments.

First time leasing, I’m wondering if it is a good deal. Your input is much appreciated!

Based on your numbers, its 28680 - depreciation 46%, which leaves you with a residual of 54%. When I plug the numbers into the calculator, I get the same payment with zero drive off.

The deal looks legit, general rule is lease payment at 1% of MSRP for a good deal.

I just leased a Camry SE this Friday in SoCal, MSRP of $25300 and a monthly payment of $210, 0 drive off 24 payments. This was also my first time leasing, Which dealer are working with?

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Yes, the 36/12K numbers for 2016 Camry XSE in Southern California is 54% residual and .00001 MF with $1,000 lease cash and $750 grad cash

Your selling price is about $1,000 below average, so this looks like an excellent deal.

Hi Ivan,
Which dealership gave you that deal?

Hey Mark, South Bay Toyota, talk to Sam Hong in the Internet/Fleet, honest and straightfoward.

Thanks Ivan. Does your monthly payment includes tax?

Yes, TTL included. All fees rolled into the monthly payment.

Thanks Ivan,

Now they have doubts you signed such a lease with them.
Can you send the copy of the lease agreement page with the final numbers? or Lastname so he will be able to track it down.

Thank you Michael! The final price I got for this car was 271 per month with 0 drive off. (I’m qualified for recent grad cash, $750). It is an excellent deal.

I didn’t pull the trigger though. I like Mazda 6 better. If anyone is interested, the car is still available at Thousand Oaks Toyota. Call and ask for Denny or Andrew. They both really nice, not like the some of the dealers I dealt with this past weekend.

Yeah thats a really good deal,

I have a silver, black and charcoal gray Camry XSE w/ Navigation @ $272 w/tax $0 Due at signing 36 month / 35 payments.

We charge a flat $595 service fee out of pocket and includes delivery within 48 hours and we cover the $350 turn in fee at lease end.

Anthony @ https://dsrleasing.com


What car would you say has highest value currently. I mean the lowest lease payment/MSRP. I am flexible in terms of lease length and car class. Under 35-40k preferably.


there is alot of good picks out there right now. The Camry is one, also the Lexus IS250 & Audi A3 have some super good discounts and lease MF’s. But those are more in the luxury segment.

I would say the Ford Fusion Energi is in direct competition with the Camry, even though its an electric / gas car, same class size and features likes navigation etc. A $35,500 MSRP model with Nav $299 w/tax $0 due at signing 36 mo / 12k miles.

I PM’d you. Also, Tustin Toyota was offering 4k off MSRP, but had to be by end of June, you might be able to get close.