2016 Tiguan SE in California

I am getting a deal of 277 per month for 35 months on 2016 Tiguan SE along with 688 USD as first month payment. The lease has 10K miles per year. Is this a good deal?

Did you take this deal? What did you pay up front?
I keep getting quotes of $375 or more for a zero down 36 month/ 12k miles lease on a Tiguan SE fwd, which seems super high to me

Was just going to post about this myself. Im getting exact same monthly as you payment (270ish) with same money down in Minnesota. My money factor is .0023 and sale price of $24245 (all wheel drive s version). I feel like the sale price is good on an MSRP of $27965 (true car is $25310). Do I have any wiggle room on the money factor? Is that a decent money factor? I have great credit, have not been to the dealer yet, just emailing back and forth so no credit check yet, wondering what money factor I should be trying to get?

Also- when I use the leasehackr calculator Im getting $241 a month, about 30 less/ month than VW is quoting me. A few bucks a month differnce I don’t really care about but 30+ bucks a month Im trying to figure out what to do.

thanks in advance.

FYI my lease is 36 months/ 10k miles


doesn’t look like a great deal if you look at some dealer ads:

Thanks. Mine is all wheel drive version, and guessing that even though the add you linked says $169 a month when it is all said and done it would over $200 a month. Maybe Im wrong? Wonder if they have AWD and shit to Minnesota!

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cost of shipping to Minnesota will eat up all the savings

After much haggling, this is the deal I ended up with:
2016 Tiguan SE ($32,655 sticker)
36/12k lease
SALE PRICE $28,352
CAP COST $27,518
MF .00005
MONTHLY $299 (includes tax)

(This deal includes memorial weekend bonus cash and 2,500 lease cash)

Seems solid. I don’t see any red flags. The selling price of $28,352 is on par with what I’m seeing on True Car.

I’m getting quoted $341 for a 2016 S for 3 years 12k miles. Seems super high.

Confused… is the attached a good deal?

that florida gunther volkswagon deal of $169 per month, 10K miles, 36 months…with $0 down…is easily $3K better than what’s offered here in Chicago…almost unreal that it’s that big of a difference between regions.

based on ads alone of course. here is about $199 and $2499 down!! what the fudge? i guess they are offering $1000 cash back…still a hefty difference.