2016 SRX Lease question

Looking to lease a 2016 SRX, performance or luxury trim. Got this quote from a dealer. Anyone have any thoughts:

Performance trim Demo car with 5,900 miles
MSRP - $49,015
Sales Price - $43,250 including TTL (live in Texas, so taxed 6.25% upfront on the full purchase price)

Never could get the actual sales price before TTL out of him, but i’m backing into a price of about $40,500 before TTL. Discount of about 17% off MSRP. Seems a little high to me for a demo with that many miles. Payment he quoted of $463 a month for 39/12k lease seems to check out on the calculator. MF of .0008 and residual of 57%.

Good deal or no?

You can get more than 6k off a brand new one in my opinion.

Did someone take a road trip across the country to rack up that many miles on a '16?

Price seems $3-4k too high.

Yeah, I thought so too. Going to have to pay a bit more in Texas since the tax is almost $3,000 up front. You guys think 20% off MSRP is a good number to shoot for for a brand new one?

You have to factor in that these are “new” but they are “old” since they redesigned the the new model and renamed it.

Yeah I know there is a new model. The new model is a little out of our budget. Wife really likes the 2016 model. Was hoping to be able to pick up a good deal given that there is a brand new model out. Seems to be quite a few of them at all the area dealerships, and were not in a hurry.