2016 Spark EV 1LT Lease Assumption $45/mo - Good Deal?

Hi All,

New to this forum, leasing and electric vehicles, so any input would be greatly appreciated! Came across a seller who wants to transfer his Spark EV lease. Based on the details below, this seems like a good deal. Am I missing anything though? Also, there is a $500 utility company rebate that the seller never applied for, so I could possibly get that as well.

2016 Chevy Spark EV 1LT
Current miles: 2,300
26 months left on 36 month lease
10k allowance/yr
Monthly Payment (incl taxes): $45
Transfer fee: $595
Disposition fee: $395


Seems like a good deal. Remember that for GM Financial you can only assume a lease if it is in the same state you live in