2016 rogue SL 36/15k in NY

Hi guys,

First time poster - been lurking for a while. Go easy on me.

I’m in NY and looking to lease a base rogue SL. Got a quote for 36/15k @ $270 (0 down, just dmv and first payment) with a mf of.00003, and was told that the residual was 55% - can anyone confirm this? Even with 15k I feel like I should be getting a better price, but can’t get the dealer to budge.

I wanted something with 3rd row, but seems to be out of my budget. Is there a better crossover deal out there?

Thank you all in advance for the input.

Highlander xle can be had for low 300. Has 3rd row

Need MSRP to gauge deal. Use the 1% rule to measure the deal. If your payment is around 1% of the MSRP, then you have a pretty good deal.

Is that with tax and license or before (the 1% rule). Thanks

Final monthly payment with nothing down. It’s just a general rule of thumb, not a requirement. If you are in a state that taxes the entire cost, it will obviously be more difficult to get to that point.