2016 Ram 1500 Big Horn Lease Numbers

Going in tomorrow to finalize a lease a new Ram. Wanted your thoughts.

2016 Ram 1500 Big Horn Crew
Navigation, leather, alpine sound system, bed liner, heating package, and side steps.
50.7K Sticker

I am rolling in the payments from a previous Ram lease with $1200 left

We agreed to $299.25 per month with $850 due at signing with employee discount.

So if you take away the previous payments and tax I am paying $235 per month. (6% tax in Michigan)

15K miles & 24 months



How is that even possible?

They are marking down the trucks a ton this month

SUper deal. Take it. Did you check edmunds certificate/incentive? There is a 1000 certificate which would be an extra 40 a month off lol…

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This is worthy of front page deal once you post all your numbers in this thread. Michael you can put this one up! I want to say that this deal is so good it is almost criminal (as in Nnn96 is stealing this truck)

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I’ll see if they can make the certificate work, but I doubt it

Can you post details as soon as you get the truck please? I am looking at Laramie and would like to have all info before I visit dealer. Thanks.

Sure, but what details exactly are you looking for? And as far as I know this is the best month to lease the 16’s so you might want to hurry before the month is over.

Do you have residual values for 24/36 months and 15K miles? What is the MF for tier 1?

Basically I am looking for the RAM lease numbers. Price I was quoted is good and I may get few bucks more off and get exact same numbers as few people posted on ram1500diesel.com. I do not want to “taken” by a dealer on the lease part…

I am not sure of any of those figures, but I will see if I can get them tomorrow. Keep in mind that this is employee pricing.

Only thing I would suggest is getting your current Ram appraised from Carmax or other car buying services to see if they can give you an offer better than negative $1200.

Just post a pic of your lease papers (feel free to blur personal details) and that will be most helpful. Even without edmunds 1k this is sweet but i see no reason they say no to edmunds.

This is an insane deal, wish i would have waited a couple months to lease my Ram!

I agree that is the best deal there bar none.

Update: Just picked the truck up.

Payment - $299.58

Due at signing - $1000 (I thought it was $850 at first, my mistake)

This price is INCLUDING the remaining payments left on my current lease which totals $1200.

2016 Ram 1500 Big Horn
MSRP - $50,565
W/ Employee discount

The only negotiating I did was counter the salesmans offer of $315 per month and ask for $300, which he ended up accepting.

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@Nnn96 Numbers that you have listed do not mean much. Whatever the employee discount is that is fine, Chrysler is giving 20% off plus incentives. I was curious what was the agreed price before the trade? What is residual and MF? Rest I can calculate based on my quote. Thanks.

Here is almost similar but not quite as good (ie he is getting the 249 payment with only 24 months)
New 2016 Ram 1500 V8 Hemi Big Horn Crew Cab 4X4

2016 Ram 1500 V8 Hemi Big Horn Crew Cab 4X4
Call Now: (877) 232-4150
Lease for only $159/mo
w/$2999 for 24 mos.*
Zero down lease for $249/mo
for 36 mos.*
Available APR 0%
for 36 mos. available
Quirk Price $32,998
MSRP $50,765
REBATE $9,553
QUIRK DISCOUNT $5,514 Save Up To
Get This Special
View Inventory
Value Trade

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This deal is making me want a truck!
I just have no need nor a place for it!

How much was the employee discount

There are already signs light-truck production is outstripping demand. In addition to Ford’s production trims, Fiat Chrysler’s Ram pickup division in September began a two-month promotion it called the “strongest truck program EVER.” The discounts were as
much as an $11,600 price cut on certain models.
One customer at Rentschler Chrysler Jeep Dodge near Allentown, Pa., this month landed a $56,000 Ram for $41,000, taking advantage of various promotions. Those deals “really drive our Ram traffic,” dealer Greg Rentschler said. GM responded this month with an $11,000 discount on a popular version of the Chevrolet Silverado. “When you start taking 11 grand off a truck, I can’t sell a used one for what I’m selling some of the new ones,” said Steve Rayman, owner of a large Chevrolet dealership in Marietta, Ga…
Detroit Keeps Foot on the Gas When It Comes to Trucks - WSJ