2016 Q50 Premium $458 including tax in South Florida

Hi Guys,
Hot a quote today where i think the dealer is in left field a bit. (In south florida)
MSRP: 50,895
Selling Price: 39,740
MF: .00009
Mileage: 10k per year
Registration fee: $400
Dealer fee: $999
Aquisition cost: $999
Sales tax: 6%

Monthly payment with tax: $458

After reviewing this and some of the other deals I received, does anyone here see where maybe there is a disconnect. Also Im seeing some 2017’s go at better pricing than this. So instead of “how good of a deal is this” I am posting with how BAD of a deal is this.

Has anyone worked with a south florida dealership where it was smooth and simple. honest and upfront?

Did you plug the numbers into the calculator on this site? Do they match with what dealer gave you ?

Off the top, it doesn’t seem like a good deal. If your sales price is around $40k, I think a good deal would mean your monthly payment is $400/mo incl. tax with $0 down towards cap cost.

On a Q50? People are reporting way below this (and with just 1st month due at signing). Search the forum.

OP is referring to a $50,000 MSRP - probabably a Q50 S.

I think most posts for Q50 for under $400/mo. are base model Q50 with limited features or maybe 2.0t Q50. Am I right ?

In order to get this car for <$400, you’re taking about discounting the car over 25%. Not saying this is impossible - but just want to keep things realistic.

I can’t mention how bad this deal is. They have marked up even the acquisition cost from IFS which is 700 and I have never seen dealers do that. Dealer fee of 999 goes directly in dealers pocket for doing nothing.

Moreover this is a 2016 so there is at least 2K more lease cash so the price being offered should be more aggressive.

To put it in perspective @MusleCar got his 2016 Q50 red sport with a MSRP of 60200 for $449 with just 1st month due at signing.

If I were shopping for a remaining 2016 car I would not settle for a discount anywhere less than 25% and possibly try to get 30%


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@Prodr222 speaking from experience, you won’t find a lease deal in S. FL that people on this forum would consider a good deal.

Just a quick search results in a advertised special of $349/mo sign and drive.

Yes that car has a less MSRP but also a lot less out of pocket and it’s an advertised special which you can prob negotiate further. You should prob be at least $50/mo less than your current deal as a sign and drive. Just estimating without knowing all the details based on a quick search.

Try a central FL dealer, S. FL is just not competitive enough.

I have a hard time believing Central FL would be more competitive than South FL. There are only two Infiniti dealers in the Orlando area and I believe they are owned by the same company. I tried to get one of the QX60 deals I saw on here and pretty much got laughed out of the place. There are way more Infiniti dealers, and luxury brand dealers in general, in South FL. Contact all of them and try to get one of them to bite.

@Gersh when i said “not competitive enough” i meant that they’re not willing to bring down the price to a competitive level with what’s mentioned on this forum. S.FL has enough wealthy people that buy cars at prices that are not super discounted because they simply don’t have to. I find it much more advantageous to shop for a car at a smaller dealer that is not part of a huge Autonation type group and not in S.FL who has been sitting on a car for 3+ month and wants to free up capital or is really feeling the pressure of meeting sales goals. I gave orlando as an example of a place outside of S.FL that is not too far but there are other places. My personal experience and I’ve been doing this for 20 years.

I leased MY 2017 q50 in south florida. I was hoping to get a betetr deal on 2016 but didn’t happened.
340/month(True sign and drive- 0 payment upfront)
Also, they waive the exessive wear and tear on Altima that I turned in which I value to be atleast $500.
I had VPP discount too and I think I could had done better. PM me for my dealer info.

Actually it is a 3.0 Premium, with Premium plus, driver assistance, and technology package.
Not the sport version.
Idk if that makes a difference.
Thanks everyone for the info

Ah…well, it doesn’t make too much of a difference…I’m just going by MSRP. But, like I said, I still think your deal isn’t good and you can do better.

And others here seem to think you can do even better than I originally thought. And, I agree with them.

On a 2016, I think you should shoot for 25% OFF