2016 Q50 AWD in NEW YORK

Is this a good deal for a 2016 Q50 with AWD, Premium. Navigation

I currently have a infiniti so I think I am getting all discounts included already.

$349 with $2,300 total down including taxes 39 month lease and 15k miles per year on a silver,grey or black car?

Can anyone help if this is a good deal???

Hi @eis4u81 You need to do some work in order for anyone to answer this. What is the MSRP of the car you are buying? The sales price? The money factor? What does that $2300 down include?

You may want to poke around the forums and read past discussions.


So, I have narrowed down the vehicle that I want. I live in Illinois. Assuming that the MF is .00008, the residual is 52% (is this number correct??) and I want 39 months, 12k miles per year.

2015 Q50 premium AWD with:

deluxe touring package
all weather
illuminated kick plates
17" tire and accessories package

MSRP- 49,480
Selling Price - 40,000

Running it through the lease calculator on this site, I have calculated $424 per month after tax(7%). I am seeing people getting this model with these options in the low 400 after tax. Is my deal a good one? Should I proceed with it?

I got offered $399 in ny including all taxes but with less options than you. Just with premium + navigation.

I’m now thinking of going your route and eliminating the deluxe touring package. So I would have a Q50 premium with AWD, nav, leather package and 19" tire and wheel upgrade. 39months/12k per year. I am in Illinois. Can someone confirm the residual?

I’ve been using 52% and .00008 MF for tier 1.

I am not in illinois but I do need a car now and I talked to a dealer this morning for a 2015 Infiniti Q50, two loaded cars:

basically full loaded, the manager told me 39 months, 10000 miles/year, zero drive off fee and zero down payment, $420 a month tax included.

this one does not have the technology package, comes $400 a month.

I do not know if this is a good or bad deal, but I do need a car and infiniti is next to my place.
any thoughts for this price or suggestion to lower it?

Thank you!