2016 Q50 3.0T Premium MF/Residual

I’m looking for the residual and money factor for 2016 Q50 3.0t premium for a 36/39 month and 12/15k a year lease.

I live in southwest Florida area.

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I don’t know the numbers but my q50 3.0T premium with Navi. 39/10 in LA is $340/month tax inc. $0 drive off.
They took 9k off MSRP

Yeah I don’t need all that, just 39/36 with 15k is all I need. Nav is unnecessary for me. Seems to be hard to find it looks like though.

Hey Alex,

I’m in the LA area as well. Can you let me know where you got this deal and how you got to that price? What incentives did they provide to get to 9k off MRSP?


Seems like that number is doable

Check this out

I am in South Florida too and looking for same. May be we can negotiate together.

What was the sticker on your car

It was at Infiniti of Van Nuys with Vic. They dont really break down the Incentives, their papers showed 9k off MSRP. I remember residual was like %55 and MF was 0.00004. Didn’t really use any Leasehackr knowledge or numbers to get the deal, it went like this "Best I can do $380, I said NO, then $360 I said NO, then $350, again said no. He then comes back with $332 and said alright if your dont take this deal you are in idiot, because this is the best deal ive seen and financial manager said to kick you out if you dont take it. We took it :smiley:

Q50 page on Facebook has lots of people that work is Florida I think, ask them there they will hook you up.

43k was the MSRP…

This group

They took 9k off MSRP

How? Was it a CPO/loaner/demo, or some crazy incentives?

Yes sir…

Nope brand new, like i said incentives where not listed on the contract just 9k off. As u understand that pretty typical for Infiniti.

Yeah their national offer right now is $350 a month for 39 months with 2k down.

MSRP $42,805 includes destination charge. Net capitalized cost of $34,897

So 42.8-36.9 = 5.9k off for the national offer.

What did you do to get 9k off?

Once I get home I will look for the finance paper and upload the pic for the exact numbers. As for negotiation…I just kept on refusing the prices they would give. Also had loyalty, so maybe that played a factor.