2016 Prius C lease 225/month

This is the first time I’m doing this, so please let me know if I’m missing any information. These are the details (they say it’s the last 2 they have for 2016 hence the really good price):

2016 Prius C Package One

Lease - 3yr/12,000 miles per year
MSRP: $20,740.00
Selling Price: $18,500
Rebate: $500
Downpayment: $50

Monthly Payment With Tax: $230
I emailed him back and he lowered it to $225 per month.

This is in North California
Should I negotiate more? is this good? Thanks!

This is not a good price–especially for essentially last year’s model.

Depends on whether you really want a prius c or prefer this more expensive suv for a lower payment

or maybe a volt which allows you to drive up to 40 miles on battery

That looks super promising, but im afraid i dont have a costco card :frowning:

wow that is an amazing offer!! on their website it shows that i have to pay down (for that monthly price), do you know where I can get this deal? thanks!

I think you go to your closest dealership and start negotiating

Unless you need a C because parking is really tight, get a 2016 Prius instead…they’re blowing them out. I was offered a 34K Prius 4 for $340/month with tax, zero drive off. You should be able to get a three touring for 100 less.

Or the Volt, which leases even better.