2016 Prius 2 Lease

Hello -

Been lurking for a while, tracking deals on the 2016 Prius 2. I see competitive leases being offered by the following:

Carson Toyota - $229 (+ tax) / 36 mo. / 0 Drive Off
Poway Toyota - $242 (incl tax) / 35 mo. / 0 Drive Off

I’m prepared to fly to SoCal and pick up the car (I’m in NV), but I want to make sure I’m asking the right questions before contacting the dealer.


  1. These lease deals have already been proven. Do I still need to negotiate with the dealer, or should I just request that they match these deals?
  2. Should I contact them first to begin negotiating the sale price of the car, or since these deals are proven, do I even need to start there?
  3. Anything else I should know up front, or specific to Toyota / Prius?


Have you tried asking local dealers to match?

You could ask those dealers if they would be able to lease for a lower number (pretend you haven’t seen the ad). Worst they can do is say no and offer the advertised special.

I haven’t since I don’t yet have anything in writing from the So Cal dealers - I was just posting deal examples for what others have found.

It’s worth a shot, however.

Ah I thought those were dealer advertisements.

Just heard back from Carson Toyota and they’re out of the Prius 2 models… Any other Prius deals that others are tracking?

Have you tried Longo Toyota? Supposedly the largest Toyota dealer by volume in North America. I picked up my 2015 Prius from them. No dealer in the Bay Area could match what they were offering.

I don’t know exactly what the Prius qualifies for in federal or state level rebates or state specific manufacture rebates, but once you put together the best possible deal (or before if you’re ok with “coming clean” and letting them know) tell them you are out of state and verify that EVERY rebate or discount that is bundled with this deal is NOT a California resident specific thing. With a lot of EV’s and even the Chevy Volt some “Customer Cash” from GM and state level rebates will NOT be offered to out of state residents that are buying the cars in California.

Also be aware that if you drive the car off the lot you MUST be charged CA sales tax and CA lic/reg fees. If you have it shipped then the dealer can exempt those items and you would be responsible for them when you took delivery of the vehicle in NV. (I’m not sure if NV has any tax benefits for the Prius or if the tax rate would be in favor which direction, but with leases it can get tricky because that tax would be bundled into the lease rate… so if you owe more to NV you probably have to cut them an additional check, if NV has a LOWER rate I doubt anyone refunds you that cost…)

Thanks @fatsocells - will check out Longo.

@acarney - NV doesn’t offer any state rebates… good point about pickup vs delivery taxes & fees. I’ll certainly factor that in.

At this point, I’m still unable to find a dealer willing to go 0 down. Will keep the thread updated in case others are looking for Prius deals.