2016 Pilot EX-L AWD - worth leasing? Good 3 row alternatives for lease?

We are in the market for a 3-row SUV. Test drove the Pilot, Highlander, Santa Fe, CX9 and wife liked the Pilot best. From what I can gather on residual value and MF, the Pilot doesn’t seem like a great car to lease. One dealer in MA offered me:

39m/12k $464.83/m

Due at signing:
First month - $465.83
6.25% MA tax - 29.11
Down payment - 4.29
Reg fee - 135
Doc fee - 344
6.25% MA tax on upfront - 21.77
Total due at signing - $1000

Payment inc 6.25% tax = $494.94/m
This was on the EX-L AWD at sale price of 36,353.07 (MSRP 38,955)


  1. Is that a crappy lease or is it just my imagination?
  2. Any recommendations on better lease options for a 3rd SUV at a higher luxury level (Acura, Infinity, BMW, Volvo…)?
  3. Wife would LOVE a Volvo XC90 though I’m leary of reports of software glitches - found manufacturer lease offer of a T6 Momentum Plus for 589/month for 39 months but wanted $4700 at signing which seems crazy and brings avg monthly payment over $700.

Appreciate your thoughts/advice!


I think you can get qx60 in this price range. There was a front page post for qx60 lease around $300 month zero down last December. I am positive that you can get close to it this year if you negotiate.

great incentives on the x5 e drive right now too I think 5500 in cash credit.

I just leased a 2016 MDX with tech package for $509 tax in (MSRP was like $48,300ish). To me, this car was much more bang for the buck than a lease on a Pilot right now. I live in Florida, so I didn’t need AWD though.

Pardon my ignorance but here is what I find at my local BMW dealership. Would the $5500 in cash credit cover the listed down payment?

2017 BMW X5 35ixDrive. Nicely equipped with Rear view camera and navigation. Stock#: 43335. MSRP: $59,895. Lease for $599/mo for 36 months. 10,000 miles/year. $3995 down. Taxes, registration, acquisition, documentation fees not included.

I think $5500 cash credit is only for the X5 e (plug-in). BMW get part of that from Federal Gov. incentives.

it is the plug in but it is also a hybrid so when the 20mi of electric is gone it goes to gas so the range is 500-600mi per tank

look at the QX60. i negotiated a lease last winter 52k under 500 a month with msd’s. 15k mile lease.

Someone can correct me but I’m pretty sure I read somewhere the X5-E does not have a 3rd row option (batteries take up that space).

Thanks everyone!

Will take a look at the QX60 tomorrow thought my wife seems most interested in the Pilot, Volvo XC90 or BMW x5.

Am I correct that the lease for the Pilot is not very beneficial over purchasing?

I would definitely look at the QX60. I am in the process of shopping for a new 3 row car, coming from a JX35 (the QX60 before the name change) and I am pretty sure we will end up another QX60. None of the other cars in its class seem to be as big and offer as many features for the price. The Volvo and the X5 are certainly nicer cars, but the X5 is tiny in comparison. The Volvo is also smaller and doesn’t lease nearly as well. There are some definite shortcomings to the QX60, but as a whole package, I’m not sure it can be beat.We have a full loaded model (stickers at around $59k) and paying in the mid $500s all in. I believe a very base model can be had for something like $379/mo plus tax.

Max_g is correct no 3rd row… so BMW x5 e drive is out! I have an MDX which I chose over the QX 60 if your wife likes the pilot she will like the MDX you may be able to get a great deal on 2016

xc90’s lease very bad.

Stopped at the Acura dealer while at the mall getting iPhone battery replaced.

MDX was nice and get a lot for money in base model. Nits were the 2-3-2 seating vs 2-3-3 for Pilot. The button transmission would take some getting used to and wife not crazy about it.

Looks like we are buying a Pilot soon as the '17 hits the floor.

Thanks for all the help!