2016 Passat R line

Is this a good deal.
2016 Passat R line with comfort package and lighting package. 36 months 10k miles.
$2000 up front. $250 a month.

My brother just leased this, with both packages. He’s paying $285 a month, with $1800 down and about $1000 in negative equity from a previous Hyundai lease which was traded in. I think your deal is good

Just an FYI…

Im about to lease a 2016 Passat R-Line with Comfort & Lighting Package. Car is also equipped
with Monster Mat package installed at Port. MSRP $27,065.

36 Months with 12K miles per year.

Just first month and DMV out of pocket. (Approx $450)

Payment is $275 with tax. (Located in NY & tax rate is 8.375%)