2016 Nissan Pathfinder SL Help with numbers

So I have the numbers for 2016 Nissan Pathfinder SL

Term 36 months
12k miles a year
Money Factor - .00059
Residule for 56% (SL Model)

Took information from edmunds and please correct me if I am wrong with numbers I got the following below. Dealerships think I am crazy.

The cheapest I found this model was

Cheapest I found for a 2016 SL model is 27,975
MSRP 37,975

Monthly Payment (Excl. Tax): $202
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $220
Drive Off: $707
First month’s payment incl. tax: $220
Down payment: $0
Registration and doc fee: $480
Tax on cap cost reduction and fees: $7

Disposition Fee: $395
Total Lease Cost: $8,402

That is a steep discount on sale price. Again, price might be for purchase only and not leases. I tried to lease a murano when i got my jeep a couple of uears ago and they only wanted to talk payments and would not budge.

aw man! It doesnt say buy only anywhere but that cheapest dealer doesnt talk cant get a hold of them so could be iffy on that deal

Doesn’t matter what you and your numbers come up with, what matters is what is the real price that they are ready to sell for and MF.

I agree I am using the lowest numbers I can find for that car in my area chicago, and emailing dealerships to see if they are willing to do the deal with the numbers I came up with. But I am getting a bunch of really bad responses like sorry we cant sell it to you with those numbers no explanation

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Same rebates apply only to purchase so that is why they not willing to sell at that price.

I’m currently looking at the S trim Pathfinder and my current best offer is 29,050 (about 12% off msrp) plus TTL and before incentives of $2875. I tried to shop this number around and was basically turned down by other local dealers which leads me to think this is near rock bottom for this model.

My offer, of course, is a far cry from the $25K or so Cleveland area dealers often advertise. Why? Because the ridiculously low prices in their ads include retail purchase rebates (currently better than lease rebates) and Nissan’s $750 college grad rebates. Once you get in the door, they start peeling the cash away once they determine for which rebates you don’t qualify.

If you use my 12% off msrp figure, you’re at around $33.4K for the SL. Regardless, I wouldn’t make the first offer as Nissan’s got a glut of the 2016’s sitting on lots and they seem relatively motivated to deal. Email the Chicago area dealers and get them to make the first offer then shop your best offer around.

Good luck!