2016 Nissan Altima 2.5 SR + 2016 Ford Focus SE Turbo + 2016 Honda Civic Coupe EX-T (St. Louis)


I’m interested in getting my first lease, previously I was looking at cheaper MRSP vehicles until I found this site and realized I could get a much nicer car for the same total 3 year lease cost I was considering, something around $200/mo. Based on what I’ve seen around here it looks like Nissan and Hyundai have some good lease cash available right now, especially on the Altima. Local dealers are advertising the Nissan Altima 2.5 base for $17,900 or $179/mo (+tax/title/etc) with $0 down.

Local Nissan websites list in inventory a 2016 Nissan Altima 2.5 SR trim for an internet price of $19,404 down from 25,705 MRSP, although they don’t break down how they are dropping 6K off MRSP. TrueCar lists 21K in my area for the SR trim.

I live in St. Louis, Missouri and was wondering if someone could provide me with the Residual % and money factor for these 3 vehicles for a 12K miles/year on a 36month lease. Thanks a bunch in advance. I’m also open to suggestions to other brands or vehicles. Basically just looking to go above the base trim level in a car nicer than a Honda Fit or the Chevy Sonic (which was what I was considering earlier). I don’t qualify for any student, military, recent grad or anything. I am a teacher if that helps.

Just so you know, that advertised price would be inclusive of all manufacturer to consumer rebates, some if which will not be available on a lease.

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2016 Altima 2.5 SR
36/12K: 52% residual, .00003 MF, $1,400 lease cash

There’s $1,750 in cash back for purchases only; the internet price of $19,404 likely includes that. The ad may also be conditional upon using dealer financing with high interest rates. Assuming a selling price of $21K, I’m getting $191/month + tax/title/doc fees with $0 down.

2016 Focus SE
36/12K: 49% residual, .25% APR, $1,750 lease cash

TrueCar is showing a price of $18,000 (incentives deselected) for a $20,485 MSRP Focus. That equates to $193/month + tax/title/doc fees with $0 down.

2016 Civic Coupe EX-T
36/12K: 61% residual, .00073 MF

Of these three cars, Civic Coupe EX-T will be the most difficult to get near $200/month.

For less expensive cars, it sometimes makes more sense to buy (and keep for a long time) than to lease, especially if the lease programs aren’t too compelling. Honda Fit in particular keeps its value very well.

Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

I had just seen some amazing deals like Hyundai Genesis for a $250 a month and of course that amazing Mercedes for under $300 a month, so I though I could get a nice deal on a civic coupe or something.

I guess I’ll work with the dealerships in my area, follow this forum closely and see which MF are giving some good lease cash so I can snag a good deal.

I’m also in St. Louis and wanted to shop for a nice low lease monthly payment car. I looked around and found that Buick Encore was heavily discounted in our area. Dave Sinclair was advertising online base FWD $25k vehicles for $18k, around 30% off. The 24 month residual is 64% so that means only paying for 6% of the car or $1,500. However, my attempts to get the dealer to even begin to talk were pretty futile. All those discounts were due to end on 5/31 so who know what will happen in June. The money factor on these was a nice .0004 as well. I was hoping to get sub $100 but it didn’t work out, or I didn’t try hard enough.

Thanks for the info! Honestly I had completely forgotten about Buick.

Yea as the other posters said, the price listed on their websites or at the dealership are prices for selling/financing using those specific discounts. Lease deals or lease cash is different.

If you can negotiate the price of the car including lease cash to 20% below MRSP then with that residual it might be a good deal. Just gotta plug the numbers into this sites calculator. Although looking at Buick’s site I don’t see any lease cash for thier car. Just lease ‘specials’ for the base models. I could be wrong though.

I think for sub $100, you have to get some nice lease cash offers combined with other discounts on a high residual model. Something the company really wants to push. Unfortunately I don’t know any like that other than the Nissan Altima. Closest I saw was the VW Jetta for $79/mo + taxes/etc + $1999 (this puts you at about $150 total/mo I think). The VW Passat was similar but starting at $139 + the same.

I’m planning on starting a lease within the next 2 months so I have some time to really look and get a good rate, I’ll update if I find something good.