2016 New BMW 320i $250, $0 down

Hi Guys,
Just want to share the deal I got today.

2016 BMW 320i MSRP $37,595
Sale Price $31,595
Rebates $2,000 (Loyalty Discount + Grad Discount)
7 MSD $2,100
Residual 66%
MF 0.00087

Drive off $2,100 (MSD).

Pacific BMW currently offers $6,000off any 3 series. However, they do not carry any 320i. Therefore, I asked other dealers to match PacificBMW’s offer. They did match it and I stacked with loyalty discount and grad discount.

I believe it is very good deal especially if you pick the base model because the discount is fixed ($6,000).


Congrats! That’s a phenomenal deal. I wouldn’t be surprised if most people pay that much for a Camry.

camery ha! 250 month is a smart car for most people. Go on cl and search for lease and see what non hackrs pay. I guess it’s what allows us to get the deals we do.

I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut on just ok/bad deals. But congrats on a great deal!

Great deal. Thanks for posting numbers.