2016 Mustang Lease Calculation vs Reality Difference

Hi, I just got the residual value and money factor from cars.com for 2016 Ford Mustang Ecoboost Premium, for 24 months lease. The calculation gave me roughly $350 a month for my lease but no matter which dealer I speak to, all of them give me $450-500 monthly payments for the exact same variables. Are there any other variables that the dealers are taking into account or am I missing something? Giving the numbers and the car I am looking for below;


MSRP: $32,540
Sales Price: $25,864
Down payment: $2,000
Miles/yr: 15,000
Residual: 61%
Months: 24
Money Factor: 0.0028
Sales tax: 9

Thanks in advance.

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$316/mo incl. tax with all fees, title & registration due at signing.

So how come all the dealers give me 400s in payments? Any idea?

Don’t know. If you roll everything in - it could be close to $400. Also - you should not put $2K down as a cap cost reduction, so with true $0 due at signing, you’d be close to $450. That MF sucks, BTW.
But you never ask dealers for a lease payment. You tell them what it should be after doing your homework. Then you find one who will work with you.

Thanks for the advice, will try to talk to them again tomorrow.

You forgot the tax title doc and acquistion fees. These can be an extra 2 k, so would easily add $80 to lease

The MF is equivalent to 6.72%. Surely the base MF could not be that high and the dealer is marking it up on you.

That is a very nice discount. Is there any incentives in that discount?

There is a $750 tax deductible incentive for financing. It drops down to $250 actually if you lease. By the way just learned that the APR is 3.5%.

No idea where cars.com gets their data; here are the numbers for 2016 Mustang EcoBoost Premium in NJ (Ford Credit). It’s consistent with what you’ll get from the Ford.com calculator:

24/15K: 60% residual, 1% APR (.00042 MF), $250 lease cash
Targeted: $500 Grad, $250 RCL Renewal/Conquest Lease, $500 Military/First Responders

The best TrueCar offer I see in your area is $3,000 off MSRP before incentives. After plugging those numbers into the lease calculator, I get $420/month + tax and $0 down + drive-off fees. Not the best lease, to be honest.