2016 Mercedes C300 lease $268

Hi all, this is my first post here. I just leased a near new MB C300 last night and would like to share the deal.
How does it look like, guys?

2016 Mercedes C300 (Demo)
MSRP: $43,130
Selling price: $32,882 (+$99 phantom footprint)
Acquisition fee: $795
Total cap: $33,776
0 down
Actual MF=0.00005 (7 MSDs + auto-pay)
RV=60% (36mo/7.5K)
Mileage on car=2,780 (additional 2% depreciation)
Due on signing: $2,830.43 (including $2,100 MSDs + 1st payment + $109 doc fee + $346 DMV fee)

Monthly payment=$246.83+tax=$268.43

I would like but not able to put the max 10MSDs since it would result in negative MF. So only 7 deposits and 0.00005 MF.
Also 7.5/yeark is enough for me, for 10k the RV is 1% less and $281 monthly payment.


Sounds like a great deal. Can you please share the dealer name, location etc

I am in SF Bay Area, will PM you the dealer and sales to you.


I’m in SF. Very interested in knowing the dealer. I want this deal too! Please PM or post for me.


I just PM you, seal it before year end you might duplicate it.

Mercedes Benz of Walnut Creek I am assuming?

That was one of my cars :slight_smile: enjoy

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@loberant Please post your MB list as well. 268 for a C300 is a great price and you would get many customers.

Yes, MB of walnut creek. I ended up with another car rather than the one I asked you… But it’s even better!

Where is @loberant Mercedes Benz list lol> I think if I have a mini list, a BMW list and a Mercedes list from loberant, I will be a happy eternal lease customer (until he gets in jags and Measeratis)

@yaanyang can you please pm me the dealer as well. I would like to get on this deal.

Hello - pl send me the above deals with merc. I can close tomorrow. I am in Northern California

Loberant you have deals around NY? Just curious for friends that might enter the market soon. Thank you.

@jiwandesign @Valleru

Since we have mentioned above already, I’ll just leave it public here: It’s Mercedes of Walnut Creek.

Would be great to see an M-B list if you have one, @loberant

And +1 on whether you have dealers close to NY?

Can you PM me the sales person that gave you this deal?

can you pm the dealer too. i m in sf area

He literally mentioned it several times, did you even read the thread?

It was also a year ago :slight_smile:

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