2016 Mercedes Benz C450


I was able to located a new 2016 C450 Amg sport with a MSRP of $62,940. The RV and MF are 58% .00096 as per Edmunds. What kind of discount off MSRP should I shoot for?


I got a C450 with MSRP of $63710 for $53500 back in November. Aim for that at least.

Residual for 36/10k when I got mine was 59%. Money factor slightly inflated but zero down. $555 per month before tax.

Thank you. I will try to get atleast 18%

Where are you located?

New York City . You?

Massachusetts. I’m not sure there are any C450s left in MA.

Are you looking at the one with Silver Star Motors?

Yeah. It’s already sold though